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The perfect Valentine’s Day flower supply providers for 2023

Flower Power: A whole bunch of delivery service bouquets that will make her swoon! (Photos: Farmgirl Flowers, The Sill, ProFlowers, Bouqs Co., H. Bloom)

Are you looking to court a new Valentine, reignite an old flame, or celebrate unwavering love? The perfect bouquet is waiting for you. The centuries-old tradition of giving flowers continues to flatter, delight and seduce, and thankfully the plot now transcends sex (bloom him already!). But how do you pick the perfect arrangement for your loved one and keep it fresh? We spoke to Anna Enciso, the famous TikTok flower educator and owner of The Blum Bar, to get her expert opinion on flowers. Then we bought the most beautiful arrangements from our favorite delivery services. Our picks range from chic, sexy designs and stunning red roses to plantable picks and buildable Lego bouquets.

Roses are hot

Enciso’s first choice for Valentine’s Day? “Roses! They’re a classic for a reason! Whether you style them in a traditional dozen rose design or add them to a mixed bouquet, they’re always a fan favorite.”

“Pro tip for roses, press the base of the head, if it’s hard it’ll be fresher and last longer,” she continues. When possible, she recommends picking your own blooms from a local florist or opting for local hand delivery. But since that’s out of the question for many of us, here are 12 bouquets from 12 delivery services that are lauded across the country — plus a wilt-free Lego bouquet to grow.

A classic bouquet


Red rose bouquet

To ship your love cheaper without sacrificing quality, go the ProFlowers way. The dozen 13-inch roses will be carefully packed in a pretty box and sent on the happy journey. Just beautiful.

$50 at ProFlowers

double love

Ode to the Rose


A gift of 24 full, beautiful red roses is a bold way to show love. Display them in one of six vases for a little extra. You might also be tempted by add-ons like teddy bears, candles, gourmet candy, and even a spa kit.

$136 at Ode to the Rose

Something sweet

Peasant Girl Flowers

Once candy once

Healthy, ethically sourced flowers wrapped in burlap and bursting with love! This full-looking pack includes a dozen seasonal stems – lilies, garden roses, ranunculus – with eucalyptus as the background. The San Francisco-based, woman-owned company ships nationwide.

$89 at Farmgirl Flowers

Unique flowers

Urban Tribes

The love letter

A poetic blend of pink calla lilies and apricot and blush roses in a perfectly imperfect gold ceramic vase. Combining a passion for design with compassion, Urban Stems works with farms certified by the Rainforest Alliance. It offers same-day delivery in DC and NYC and next-day delivery in other parts of the country.

$105 at Urban Stems




Save $17 with 25% discount code

Looking for something that will endure? This arrangement includes 12 beautiful, long-lasting pinks and a plantable succulent. How cool is that? Consider the Deluxe and Grand sizes for even more plants. Bouqs is known for its wide range of responsibly sourced arrangements. Don’t miss out on the site-wide sale running now.

Code: BOUQDAY$52 at The Bouqs Co.

let it last

“Some of my favorite long-lasting flowers are lilies and lisianthus!” says Enciso. “But with the right care, most cut flowers can last 10-14 days. The best thing you can do to keep any floral arrangement fresh is frequent water changes! A good rule of thumb is: if you don’t drink it, your flower won’t want to either!”

Sweet flowers for your sweetheart


Playful Daisy Bouquet

Teleflora works with local florists to provide your loved ones with everything from pretty, affordable bouquets – like this adorable bunch of lilies and fuchsias – to exotic ones.

$39 at Teleflora

A real eye-catcher


Bouquet of flowers for Valentine’s Day

Ombre goodness! These 30+ stems span the spectrum from white to pink to burgundy-black. Tulip, double lily, ranunculus, heather, peony, anemone, snapdragon – this pack has it all (except the vase which is not included). But who cares? They would look great in any vessel.

$98 at terrain

And finally…

To keep the buds looking their best, Enciso shared another tip: “My favorite DIY flower fodder is a simple ball of sugar! It acts like caffeine on your buds and will get them really perky!” Tips like these keep her TikTok and Insta followers coming back for more.

sexy number

The Threshold

The pink torch bouquet

This is a sexy bouquet. Comes with the glass vase, or send naked for $10 less. The bouquet consists of Pink Torch Ginger Flower, tropical palm leaves and white chilies. Founded by women, The Sill is known for delivering happy, healthy plants; It is exciting to see her artful approach to flowers.

$102 at The Sill

Pretty in Pink


Atmospheric Mojave

For a bit of drama, consider this 25-stem desert arrangement from Bloomsy. If you want to show your love again and again, you can opt for a subscription service.

$55 at Bloomsy

Fresh picks

Fresh Shipments

The sending

Surprise them with a bespoke bouquet featuring the highlights of the garden of the day. Fresh Sends’ “Regular Send” contains 15 to 18 stems wrapped in newspaper and tucked away in a charming box. Double that order with a “Full Send” (only $30 more). For fresh selection all year round, opt for the subscription service.

$65 at Fresh Sends

A meaningful gift

H. bloom

Rainbow Ranunculus Bunch

This ranunculus rainbow shows the many colors of your love. White ranunculus stands for charm and pure love, yellow for luck, red for passion and pink for romance. H. Bloom serves restaurants, hotels, offices, spas and you!

$65 at H. Bloom

Make your own bouquet

Enciso believes that the best bouquets are created when we choose and combine fresh flowers ourselves: “My absolute favorite flower combination is a bouquet of roses, hydrangeas and lilies! Grocery store blooms and come in so many colors you can actually have fun designing them!” For that, you can try Lowe’s, Home Depot, Trader Joe’s, or CostCo.

But we also found another great way to build your own…

Absolute DIY


Lego icons bouquet for adults

$54$60Save $6

For an even longer-lasting bouquet that you can build together, let’s throw in this 756-piece Lego set. Lego has never been more romantic. When I gave this set to my favorite couple, they said it was the ultimate fusion of their two worlds, their hobbies and their aesthetic.

$54 at Amazon

Originally published January 25, 2023 at 6:00 a.m

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