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Australian Reporter Loses Tooth Dwell On-Air (Video)

Australian entertainment reporter Craig Bennett lost a tooth in the middle of a live reporting segment on “Studio 10” earlier this week.

Talking with Sarah Harris and Tristan MacManus, Bennett previewed his coverage of Brad Pitt — regarding Pitt’s latest role in Apple’s Formula 1 film directed by Joseph Kosinski (“Top Gun: Maverick”) — and briefly launched into some news about Victoria Beckham before feeling one of his front teeth loosening in his mouth.

“Hang on,” he said. “I think my tooth is about to fall out.”

“Craigie, Craigie, are you ok? Did you bite into something?” Harris asked as Bennett pulled his tooth out.

Bennett looked down at his tooth before returning his gaze to the camera and smiling for everyone to see.

“We’ve lost a tooth people, it’s 8:33 and we’ve lost a tooth!” Harris said after she and MacManus laughed.

“Change the headlines!” MacManus said.

“Not something you see on telly every day, is it? Now I’m whistling as I speak,” Bennett joked.

Harris said he looked like “an adorable chimney sweep.” Then he tried to “pop” it back in unsuccessfully.

When asked the status later on in the segment, Bennett said he had wrapped his tooth in a tissue and called the dentist to schedule an appointment. He then joked about the new camera placement to avoid a close-up of his “hellish mouth.”

“I shall push on,” he said. “I’m unflappable.”

He then joked that there’s not a feather left at his age, but he is nevertheless ‘unflappable.’

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