Brooklyn Nets Star James Harden Donating Meals, Water, Plumbing Assist To ‘Devastated’ Metropolis Of Houston

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James Harden has distributed many assists on the basketball court this season, but his main support is getting off the court.

With the state of Texas grappling with an ongoing power and water crisis as a result of a winter storm, Harden worked to help the city of Houston, where he played from 2012-21, before being sent on the grids last month.

On Saturday, Harden donated 3,000 meals to Houston residents through his new restaurant, Thirteen, and has also worked to donate much-needed water and sanitation.

“I am on the phone literally all day every day trying to influence the city because they have shown me so much love and respect during the time I was there that I call Houston home,” Harden said after he had 37 points, 11 assists and seven rebounds as the Nets won their sixth straight and completed a perfect 5-0 swing on the west coast with a 112-108 win over the Clippers.

“It’s obviously devastating. This is likely worse than the hurricane [Harvey] Just because we don’t know how many people are affected, have no electricity, have no electricity, cannot eat, or are outside, or whatever the case may be. “

Harden is also working with contractors and installers to help with burst pipes caused by the cold conditions.

“We’re trying to feed as many people as possible,” he said. “[Also] lots of water, call Body Armor who will help me with this, we’re getting lots of water this week for people i will post. And then, as for the plumbing work, I reached out to some plumbing companies that have been looking after 7-8 houses a day for the past few days to mend those pipes because once the power is back on the pipes will probably be burst and we’ve seen so many cases in Houston that I got in touch with the mayor [Sylvester] Turner, the Relief Gang, just so many people who can help when I’m not there and that’s a big problem of course, but I try to influence it and help as much as possible when I’m not there. “

Harden had an ugly argument with the Rockets after skipping the start of training camp and then asking for action.

Since Harden joined the Nets, they’re 13-6 and now they’re at 20-12, half a game behind Philadelphia

Even so, he maintains close ties with Houston and promises to continue to support the people there.

“And it won’t stop because so many people are affected,” he said, “that I can’t stop.”

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