12-year-old Pixar fan from San Francisco Emma Berman lands position in new Pixar movie, ‘Luca’

San Francisco-based Emma Berman, 12 years old, has always been a fan of Disney / Pixar films.

“My favorite Disney / Pixar movie is Inside Out. We’re so happy and extroverted that we spend a lot of time studying Joy, ”says Berman with a smile.

Berman has always been passionate about acting.

“I really enjoyed playing in school. I always wanted to be the main character, so my mom signed up for summer camp where I did the theater for “Annie” and when Annie was cast. “I have,” says Berman. That’s how I started. “

In late 2019, Berman’s agent auditioned for her new Disney / Pixar film Luka. She couldn’t get any more excited.

“‘Luka’ is a moving story about the friendship and summer adventures of Luka, Alberto and Julia,” explains Berman. “I noticed the character a lot because we are very passionate, determined and hardworking as well as very extroverted and stupid.”

Berman played this role three months after her first audition. As the story unfolds in the fictional Italian town of Portorosso, she had to prepare to master the Italian accent.

“There were certainly some challenges with this new accent, a new dialect,” recalls Berman.

Berman trained with acting coach Bettina Devin, but also found additional support from waiters who worked in his favorite Italian restaurant, Trattoria David Rio.

“I did a few zoom sessions where he taught me a little Italian,” reveals Berman. “He read me the whole menu with Italian pronunciation. It definitely helped. “

“His accent was like a very heavy Italian accent because he had just come from Italy,” adds restaurant owner Vittorio Durzo.

Playing Julia in “Luka” was an unforgettable experience. Therefore, Berman wants to work with Pixar again in the future.

“I really want to keep acting. I really want to work for a Pixar that does animation, ”says Berman. “I really want to know more about it.”

12 year old Pixar fan from San Francisco Emma Berman gets role in new Pixar movie “Luca” Source link 12 year old Pixar fan from San Francisco Emma Berman gets role in new Pixar movie “Luca”

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