Tradition Children Podcast Receives A number of Webby Nominations, Reminding Households of the Fantastic thing about Range and the Essence of Humanity



April 16, 2024

/PRNewswire/ — Culture Kids Podcast, an innovative family show dedicated to inclusion, diversity, and adventure in children’s learning, has received multiple nominations for the prestigious Webby Awards. Additionally, the podcast was also nominated for this year’s Ambies Awards, further solidifying its position as an essential resource for families worldwide. The mom and son duo, Kristen and Asher, offer engaging and uplifting content that celebrates the richness of cultural experiences.

With its commitment to inclusivity and acceptance, Culture Kids Podcast provides families with the tools they need to navigate an increasingly divided world. Almost every episode concludes with the reassuring message, “Here at Culture Kids, you and your family are always welcomed, included, and celebrated for exactly who you are.”

“As a Korean American immigrant, I understand the importance of empowering children to appreciate diversity at an early age,” says Kristen. “Our podcast is designed to uplift the voices of communities everywhere, while providing content that is both fun and educational for kids. We believe that the heartbeat of humanity lies in learning how to respect and appreciate all forms of diversity.”

Partnering with cultural organizations like the Navajo Nation, Sikh Coalition, Polynesian Cultural Center, Islamic Center of

Southern California

, and United Irish Cultural Center of

San Francisco

, Culture Kids educates children about diverse cultures and traditions. Episodes cover topics ranging from patkas and turbans to Native American sovereignty, offering valuable insights into human experiences. Additionally, the podcast explores global cuisines, animals, and intriguing facts like gelato vs. ice cream.

In a world grappling with growing divisions, Culture Kids Podcast reminds us of the core principles of humanity, fostering kindness, curiosity, and empathy in young minds. By instilling these foundational values, it empowers children and educators to nurture innovation, creativity, and understanding—qualities crucial for future leadership. The podcast delivers a much-needed message for our times, enveloped in a heartwarming tone that ensures every child feels valued and embraced for exactly who they are.

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