Sofía Vergara Says She Is ‘Going To Struggle’ Getting old ‘Each Step Of The Approach’ And Reveals That She’ll Attempt Any Magnificence Therapy To Look Youthful

Sofía Vergara just graced the cover of People Magazine‘s new ‘Beautiful’ issue and shared her thoughts on aging, her beauty secrets, and her efforts to maintain a supple and radiant appearance at the age of 51.

The America’s Got Talent judge posed for a sultry new photoshoot and told the outlet: “‘I’m going to fight [aging] every step of the way.” Vergara added: “I feel great. I know I don’t look the same. But I don’t think I am going to ever be the woman that has the courage to be, like, all-white hair.”

Sofía Vergara Gets Candid About Aging And Her Beauty Secrets At 51 In New Interview

The Modern Family alum also stressed how important looking “younger” is to her, and noted that she has done many different beauty treatments and is open to trying more. “I’ve done it all. I mean, you tell me to put cement under your eye, you’re going to look younger, I’ll do it immediately. I do it all,” the Colombia native said.

Vergara also divulged her beauty rituals, described her exercise routine, admitted to a penchant for sugar, and explained her refusal to trim her lengthy locks. “It’s like I put coconut oil on my head. I put it on my feet. I’ve wrapped myself in plastic with Aquaphor up to the neck. I’ll do it. I don’t care. It’s not stupid,” she continued.

The mom of one also pointed out how vital sleeping is when it comes to looking and feeling her best. “I take sleeping seriously now. Before, I could survive on six hours, now I know that I don’t look good if I don’t sleep more,” she explained.

Vergara went on, noting that she prevents “puffiness” in photoshoots by waking up earlier. “Our job as actors, it’s not like, put your glasses on, and go pick up your kid at school or go and sit in a desk. You have to be camera-ready and do your job. But it takes longer now that I’m older,” the Griselda actress shared.

Regarding her haircare routine, Vergara said that she washes her voluminous, caramel-colored tresses every day. “I wash my hair every single day of my life. I mean, unless I’m sick or I have to catch a plane at 3 in the morning, then I don’t have time,” she said. Vergara added: “But I wash my hair every day. Everybody always told me it’s going to ruin your hair, and it never has.”

The Hot Pursuit star also revealed that she has no plans to ever rock shorter hair. “In Latin America, I mean they used to tell you that once you hit 40, you’re not supposed to have this crazy long hair. So I’m always thinking like, “Is it time? Is it time to cut it?” I don’t know, I don’t want to feel like old-fashioned [with] short hair,” she noted.

While it’s no secret that Vergara has a sculpted and toned figure, she revealed that she doesn’t work out as much as some of her fans might think. “I have bad knees, so I’ve never been really into crazy workouts,” she explained.

“I’ve worked out kind of like an older person my whole life. I do little weights like this [she curls up her arm], but I am constant. I do it often because I can’t do spinning or any of those sexy exercises now.”

The style icon added: “I think because I’m Latin, we always grow up thinking about looking good, doing your hair, your makeup. It’s something that makes you feel good.” She went on: “I love beauty products. I love makeup, I love clothes.”

Vergara (who has a chic clothing collection at Walmart) also said: “And I think now that I’m older, it’s great, because you know exactly what you like, what looks good on you, what doesn’t look good on you. I don’t do what is in fashion. I just do what feels good, makes me feel confident and beautiful.”

She also noted that getting older made her feel more thankful for her favorite features. “I always knew how I looked, and I was always very thankful, because at the end of the day, you have to be,” she told People. She also reflected on her teenage years, adding that she was “very skinny and not very voluptuous at that time.”

Vergara shared: “So it took me some years to fill in, and then I started feeling confident. But at the beginning I was like, “Oh, I don’t have anything.” And then God punished me. [Laughs].”

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