San Francisco’s Transfer to Rent CBDC Developer Indicators Digital Foreign money Progress – This is the Newest

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The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, joining the growing ranks of public stakeholders around the world looking to jump on the Central Bank’s digital currency (CBDC) wagon, is seeking an experienced CBDC developer for a job posting titled “ Senior Application Architect – Digital”. Currency”.

The job posting states that those interested in applying for the position at the bank could earn up to $215,400 per year.

“As part of the Federal Reserve’s mission to promote accessible, secure, and efficient systems to facilitate dollar transactions, the Federal Reserve System is seeking a senior technologist to conduct research and development of central bank digital currencies,” the bank said in the ad and added

“Given the important role of the dollar, the Federal Reserve System is seeking to better understand the costs and benefits of potential central bank digital currency (CBDC) technologies and how the system can better understand this burgeoning field.”

The move comes shortly after the San Francisco Fed posted a job posting titled “Senior Application Developer – Digital Currency.” With ongoing efforts to form a CBDC-focused team, more vacancies could be posted soon.

The recent announcement states that the selected candidate will be “part of a team at the forefront of technological research and development in the central bank digital currency space” responsible for designing and implementing systems critical to CBDC research meaning are.

A completed bachelor’s degree with a focus on computer science, business informatics or a comparable technical subject or equivalent training and experience is expected. You must also demonstrate a track record of designing and managing digital payments, crypto and/or CBDCs. In addition to hands-on programming experience, the job posting requires candidates to have knowledge and experience in distributed systems design, cryptographic protocols such as zero-knowledge proofs, and consensus algorithms and security.

“The Senior Application Architect works directly with management, other developers on the team, development operations teams, and vendors to ensure the Federal Reserve is well-positioned to design, develop, and implement technology to support a CBDC as it may Board of Governors is required,” the bank said.

In this position, the selected individual will be tasked with creating and overseeing the architectural design of novel systems, as well as directing the efforts of responsible development teams, including internal and external team members, the job posting states.

It is worth noting for those willing to apply for the position that they must be US citizens or hold a green card with the intention of eventually becoming US citizens.

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