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Attorneys for Nima Momeni, the man accused of murdering Cash App founder Bob Lee were expected to ask a judge to move the trial out of San Francisco Thursday. Instead, they asked for more time to make their argument.

Earlier Thursday morning, it seemed like Momeni’s legal team was ready to try and convince a judge to move their case out of the city of San Francisco.

The judge received their paperwork and the district attorney’s response. They then ordered everyone to return to court at 2 p.m. Thursday to argue their points. But something happened in the four-hour break and Momeni’s legal team decided they wanted another month to plead their case.

Tech executive Bob Lee was visiting the Bay Area when he was stabbed to death in April of 2023.

In the court filings, defendant Nima Momeni’s legal team said that Bob Lee was very well known in San Francisco. They argue he was basically a local celebrity and that’s why they claim it would be nearly impossible to find an impartial jury in the city.

Momeni’s lawyers also admitted a change of venue motion is rarely granted.

“Generally speaking, change of venue motions are very difficult to win. And so, I’m not necessarily saying we’re going to have a hard time winning it, Because I think we have, there’s real merit to our motion. And it’s a unique case. So, I think our position isn’t going to change, but we need to substantiate some of the things we’re saying,” Tony Brass, an attorney for Nima Momeni.

After court, Bob’s ex-wife Krista Lee dismissed the defense attorney’s arguments, saying the trial needs to stay in San Francisco. She added the defense team’s delays are taking a toll on her family.

Judge Eric Fleming said Thursday that he had already began composing an opinion but granted the delay.

The next hearing will take place on Feb. 22.

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