RudderStack unveils Profiles in partnership with AWS, enabling corporations to drive higher enterprise outcomes with their buyer information

RudderStack Profiles enables companies to unify first-party data from every customer touchpoint into complete profiles, build ML user features, and deliver powerful customer experiences

SAN FRANCISCO, Nov. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — RudderStack, the leading warehouse native customer data platform, today announced the release of RudderStack Profiles for AWS Redshift customers. RudderStack Profiles enables data teams to quickly build complete customer profiles in their warehouse, generate user features, and activate them to deliver powerful customer experiences.

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Data teams are often overwhelmed by the complexity of collecting and unifying clean, first-party customer data to create a customer 360 and drive valuable use cases for every business team. The process can take months or even years and cost millions of dollars. RudderStack Profiles solves this problem by providing tools for data teams that automate the SQL grunt work and automatically build a full customer 360 table natively in AWS Redshift.

With RudderStack Profiles, data teams can reduce engineering costs and reallocate their most valuable resources to focus on delivering customer data use cases, not plumbing or cleaning data. They can also improve time to value for critical projects by building on a complete view of their customer in their warehouse. Plus, they can say goodbye to inflexible black box SaaS and configure RudderStack models that generate a customer profile table in their warehouse.

StatPearls, a leading professional healthcare education and technology company, eliminated data silos and disparate schemas by using RudderStack Profiles to build a warehouse native CDP on Amazon Redshift. Now they’re able to use granular user-level data to understand attribution, accurately calculate LTV, and increase return on ad spend (ROAS). Since implementing RudderStack Profiles, StatPearls increased customer retention by 1.7x and nearly quadrupled ad spend while maintaining positive ROAS.

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“Data from RudderStack helped our team turn marketing into a math problem,” said Mike Sperduti, Head of Engineering at StatPearls. “We know that when we spend X on a particular campaign, we are going to get Y yield over time.”

Unlike traditional Customer Data Platforms (CDP), RudderStack’s Warehouse Native CDP does not persist data and is built on top of your warehouse or data lake. With the introduction of Profiles, RudderStack now has a complete platform across each step of the Data Activation Lifecycle:

  • Collection: RudderStack’s Event Stream and Cloud Extract ETL pipelines make it easy to collect data from every website, app, or SaaS tool.

  • Unification: RudderStack’s Profiles feature leverages our standardized schemas to significantly reduce the time it takes to build a complete view of the customer, including an identity graph and rich customer features.

  • Activation: RudderStack’s Reverse ETL pipeline, real-time Profiles API, and 200+ integrations deliver complete customer profiles and user features to downstream destinations to trigger marketing automation, drive real-time analytics, or deliver personalized experiences.

“We’re excited to bring RudderStack Profiles to AWS Redshift. When Redshift users combine Profiles with our data collection and activation features, they can start driving better business outcomes with their customer data faster,” said Soumyadeb Mitra, Founder and CEO of RudderStack. “Profiles enables data teams to take full advantage of Amazon Redshift’s secure, reliable, easily scalable data warehouse while harnessing the power and flexibility of RudderStack’s Warehouse Native Customer Data Platform to deliver revenue growth and reduce cost.”

RudderStack and AWS are excited to see the success that customers have already achieved with RudderStack Profiles and look forward to helping more customers drive better business outcomes with their customer data.

RudderStack Profiles is now available to Enterprise Tier RudderStack customers on AWS Redshift. To learn more, read the blog post or schedule a demo with the RudderStack team.

About RudderStack

RudderStack is the leading warehouse native Customer Data Platform that’s purpose-built for data teams. We run on top of your warehouse or data lake and do not store data, alleviating security concerns, reducing cost, and unlocking the value of your warehouse investment. Hundreds of innovative companies like Stripe, Crate and Barrel, Priceline, and Footlocker trust RudderStack to collect and send their most valuable data to the tools and teams that need it. For more information, visit

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