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Rise in Dental Trauma Regarding E-scooters In line with New Examine

Since first appearing just a few years ago, electric scooters are growing more and more commonplace in towns and cities all over the world. According to a new UK study, there’s been an increase in oral injuries caused by e-scooter incidents. This highlights the necessity for dental clinics to provide specific treatment and prevention methods.

In order to determine oral injuries connected to e-scooters that happened between 2020-2022, this research examined medical records from significant hospitals in the UK. It was shown that oral damage, particularly complicated facial injuries, is becoming more frequent with users of e-scooters. These damages are frequently due to falls caused by inexperienced scooter management and impacts with objects or people.

The same team of researchers from Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham conducted a second investigation in February 2024 to examine facial trauma brought on by e-scooters. According to this investigation, soft-tissue wounds accounted for 38.0% of the incidents and are among the most prevalent form of facial trauma, with falls making up 44.3% of instances.

The findings of the research imply that e-scooters have created a new dental trauma danger. The investigators came to the conclusion it is critical for medical professionals to identify symptoms in individuals who have been impacted by head injuries and issues not in relation to dentistry They also said that in order to properly refine and customise oral wellness programmes, more study is required.

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