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Dental and wonder clinics closed down

The regulator states that two dental clinics opened in Lisbon provided care without having health professionals qualified for the activity carried out.

The professionals who were in these establishments “did not have the relevant qualifications or qualifications to exercise the aforementioned medical and dental health care”, reads the document.

The regulator understands that “this fact is likely to cause serious and irreparable damage to patients”, which justified the application of the measure of immediate suspension of activity.

One of the clinics ended up solving the problem of a lack of dentists, but the other was ordered to close permanently because it did not correct the situation.

In a clinic in Albufeira, district of Faro, the inspection detected that procedures were being carried out that required the use of medicines or medical devices that were indicated for “exclusive use by a doctor”.

Specifically, it dealt, among others, with the “application of botulinum toxin, hyaluronic acid, multivitamins, products used in chemical peeling” and the removal of moles using laser equipment without the professional “being qualified to exercise the profession of a doctor”.

The clinic ended up resolving the issue and saw the suspension ordered by the ERS lifted.

Another of the cases, which occurred in Vila Nova de Famalicão, district of Braga, the professional performed physiotherapy procedures, “in the course of sports injuries (such as treatment of ruptures, strains and ankle and knee sprains)” and did not have qualifications to practice physiotherapy.

The suspension of activity lasted four months, after which the establishment corrected the error highlighted by the regulator and saw the suspension lifted.

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