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Over 160 Firms, Nonprofits Showcased at Brainerd Lakes Dwelling Present & Expo

This past Friday and Saturday at the Essentia Health Sports Center in Brainerd, over 160 businesses and non-profit organizations from the region showcased their products and services at the Brainerd Lakes Home Show & Expo. Many companies took full advantage of seeing a lot of new faces and worked to establish relationships with possible clients.

“Well, it’s a great opportunity for us to get to meet the customers in person, said Setri Barrel Saunas Foreman Ryan Fuhr. “You know, we get to explain what we do, and it keeps all our guys busy in the shop.”

Those relationships with the customer base are what small businesses rely on, and being able to tell the community your business’ entire story is the purpose of these events.

“Absolutely vital for the small business to be able to, to really connect with the people because there are the big stores and the other places around that are kind of the one-size-fits-nobody,” explained Schroeder’s Home Services Owner Mike Kuck. “There’s a lot of specialized people that can help curtail options to the individuals and that is actually a really huge be able to get that message out there. It’s vital to be able to get your whole story out into one easy and non-pressuring place because it’s just a fun, welcoming place to be able to share your message.”

Not only do trade shows allow business owners to meet the people they serve, but they also provide a chance to network with other business owners.

“It’s nice as a small business owner to go and connect with a lot of the other small business owners in the community, in the area, because there’s a lot of collaboration we can do with each other,” said Kuck. “And it’s vital to to the success of our businesses.”

Other trade shows, like those in Las Vegas, dwarf the Brainerd Lakes Home Show and Expo, but what you get in Brainerd as opposed to Las Vegas is a tighter sense of community.

“It’s wonderful to see the whole community just get together. You know, consumers, business owners, everybody alike,” Kuck added. “And let’s be honest, there’s not much else to do at the end of March, and this is a great time for us to be able to do something in March. But it’s also it’s wonderful to see the community get together.”

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