Nova Bus proclaims new order for 3 electrical buses to San Francisco Municipal Transportation Company

“We look forward to having the Nova Bus LFSe + buses in the San Francisco Community. These zero-emission buses will help keep the air in the city cleaner and provide passengers with a quieter transit experience and a healthier environment, “said Martin Larose, President of NovaBus. “We are proud to partner with the San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency to help bring the charge to the electrification of mass transit in California and about the United States of America. “

With an electric drive motor coupled with next-generation power electronics from BAE Systems, these electric buses offer better fuel economy, longer range, lower maintenance costs and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The LFSe + is the perfect combination of the proven know-how of Nova Bus with the latest innovations in clean and sustainable technologies.

“SFMTA is proud to be a leader in addressing the climate crisis,” said Julie Kirschbaum, Director of Transit for SFMTA. “We are committed to using the most environmentally friendly vehicle fleet and getting people out of private vehicles and onto more sustainable means of transport.”

“The widespread adoption of electric vehicles continues – including local buses,” said Steve Trichka, Vice President and General Manager of Power & Propulsion Solutions at BAE Systems. “Transport operators value easier maintenance and lower operating costs. Communities appreciate the reduction in harmful emissions and traffic noise, while drivers enjoy the cleaner air, smoother journey and lower carbon footprint.”

Nova Bus strives to continuously improve our products and processes to reduce pollution and waste in every aspect of our business, and the LFSe + is our latest demonstration of that commitment.

Via Nova Bus
Nova Bus is a leading provider of sustainable transport solutions in North America and is part of the Volvo Group. The portfolio includes electric buses, hybrid electric buses, high-performance vehicles and integrated intelligent transport systems. As part of its electromobility strategy, Nova Bus is advancing the electrification of important vehicle components in order to reduce fuel consumption and emissions.

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