Jets’ Tremendous Bowl odds transferring even earlier than they land Aaron Rodgers

The New York Jets didn’t add any players this offseason. But their Super Bowl odds had quite a big shift in the first week of March.

We all know why. The Jets are tracking Aaron Rodgers, who has received permission from the Green Bay Packers to speak with the Jets. None of this happens unless all three parties — Jets, Packers, Rodgers — urgently consider a change.

Odds makers don’t wait for a team to add a quadruple MVP to change their Super Bowl odds. Anticipating the Jets making a big move in QB, BetMGM lowered New York’s odds. Weather charged Jets futures this week.

Only a handful of teams stand a better chance of winning the Super Bowl than the Jets.

Jets among Super Bowl favorites

The Jets, who were +2500 at the end of February to win the Super Bowl, are +1600 as of Wednesday. Only five teams have less chance of winning everything. The Kansas City Chiefs (+500), Buffalo Bills (+850), San Francisco 49ers (+850), Cincinnati Bengals (+900) and Philadelphia Eagles (+900) are the only teams in the Super Bowl odds lie ahead of the jets.

There’s a pretty big gap between this group of five favorites and the Jets, but the Jets’ chances could drop yet again when the trade becomes official. Nothing is done until everyone agrees. The Jets traveling to meet up with Rodgers is a big step in that process, but Rodgers is a “complicated guy,” and if he decides to retire or otherwise strike a deal with the Jets finish, New York is back at number one at quarterback. That’s the risk of betting on the Jets before the trade takes place.

But Rodgers to the Jets seemed like a good option for a while, and a drop in the ratings was fairly predictable a couple of weeks ago. There’s still a chance of getting the Jets to win the Super Bowl for a decent price before a trade is struck.

Aaron Rodgers meets the New York Jets this week. (Photo by Eric Espada/Getty Images)

Jets could be a QB away

The Jets could be a quarterback away. They have good defense and lots of fun young playmakers up front. The only thing that kept the Jets from the playoffs last season was a terrible quarterback game.

Rodgers might not be the same quarterback since he’s nearly 40 years old, but he’s just a season away from his second straight MVP honor and he’s still capable of playing well with a good team around him. The Jets play in a difficult AFC East, and the AFC as a whole is very deep, but New York would be a dangerous team going from Zach Wilson to a future Hall of Famer first-round quarterback pick.

Rodgers’ move from the Packers to the Jets would be a huge story in the NFL world. It would also have a lot of reverberations in the betting market. This has already started.

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