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US MP Jackie Speier announced on Monday that she would support Kevin Mullin, MP of the South San Francisco Assembly, in the race to fill her seat as representative of the peninsula in Congress.

Speier, D-San Mateo, said last month she would not run for re-election next year after representing the 14th Congressional District for nearly a decade. Mullin, along with David Canepa, President of the San Mateo County Board of Supervisors, Burlingame Councilor Emily Beach, and tutor Gus Mattammal have since joined the race.

“I am enthusiastic and unequivocally in favor of Kevin Mullin in favor of replacing me in the House of Representatives,” said Speier, flanked by Mullins supporters, in front of South San Francisco City Hall. “Experience counts, collegiality counts, progressive values ​​are important, things deliver.”

Mullin, D-South San Francisco, who has served on the congregation since 2013 and is currently the spokesperson, served as Speier’s district director during her tenure on the state senate. Mullin’s other supporters include California Attorney General Rob Bonta, Treasurer Fiona Ma, State Senator Scott Wiener and former Senator Jerry Hill, as well as a number of local leaders.

“I know him better than any other elected officer in the Bay Area,” Speier said of Mullin. “He’s compassionate, he’s intellectually honest, he’s real.”

The affirmation is an important boost for Mullin in a race that could turn out to be competitive. Mullin, who will be removed from his Chamber of Deputies seat in 2024, could be ousted next year due to a reallocation. The 14th Congressional District spans much of the peninsula and includes an area similar to that of the county with minor changes due to reallocations.

Mullin said that if elected, he would focus on electoral reform and environmental issues, in addition to increasing funding for things like affordable housing, public transportation and universal childcare. He emphasized his previous legislative achievements – a point that was emphasized against the background of the largely local political references of his opponents.

“If you want to know what I’m going to do to be successful, take a look at what I’ve done,” he said.

Mullin penned more than 60 bills signed during his nearly decade-long tenure, and that year raised millions for local infrastructure and other projects, including $ 8 million to combat sea level rise in the county.

“Going to Congress with a legislative background is enormous,” said Speier, who referred to Mullin as the “most progressive number one member in the state parliament”.

Prior to the meeting, Mullin served on the South San Francisco City Council. Mullin’s father, Gene Mullin, was similarly mayor of South San Francisco before he was elected to the congregation.


Speier’s support was followed shortly thereafter by an announcement from Canepa stating that he had raised $ 300,000 in the first three weeks of his campaign. Canepa has served on the Board of Directors since 2016 and previously on the Daly City Council. The fourth-generation San Mateo County native said that while backed by multiple local leaders, “what wins elections wins people’s votes, not approval.”

“Our agenda is the people’s agenda, not the establishment’s agenda,” he said.

Canepa said his focus in Congress will include health care, education and reducing the country’s wealth gap. He emphasized his “passion and compassion” and that he “was not given a silver spoon” – and also noted that his father had worked as a chauffeur.

“I’m not a Sacramento insider or a Washington insider, but I am a representative who represents this great district,” he said. “I want to bring the values ​​of San Mateo County into Congress.”


Beach, who also vied for Speier’s seat, is the only woman in the race to sit on Burlingame City Council since 2015. She served in the US Army for four years and rose to the rank of captain.

“I’m inspired to run because I think my lived experience brings a really valuable perspective to Congress,” she said, also highlighting her experience as a mother of two teenagers.

Beach said she will focus on the environment, gun control, women’s reproductive freedom, early childhood education and economic justice for the middle class. Beach campaigned as mayor last year to raise the minimum wage in Burlingame. She also referred to her “lived experience” as a wife and mother of teenage children.

“We have had such a brave representative in Congressman Jackie Speier,” said Beach. “I think District 14 will be very excited to hear from another courageous, courageous, and compassionate woman who is running to continue her legacy.”


Some progressive voices have called for Speier’s seat to be occupied by a woman or a colored woman, Mullin replied on Monday.

“We certainly need more women and people of color in Congress and we need more women and people of color in the state legislature,” he said. “If I didn’t think I was the most qualified person in this field for this office, I wouldn’t run for office.”

Mullin said he will work to empower women and people of color for leadership roles “at every level”.

Canepa pointed to his Italian and Mexican origins, identities that he was proud of and that he would bring to Washington.

“I think people are looking for diversity and perspective,” he said.


Ultimately, Gus Mattammal, the only Conservative candidate in the race, defined himself as a “center-right” candidate focused on problem-solving.

The Half Moon Bay resident, who works as a tutor, said he will focus on creating a “conservative plan that will provide universal health coverage” and setting immigration in a way that is “consistent with America.” , a place that wants ”. To welcome people who are willing to work hard and stick to the rules. ”Climate issues, Mattammal said, would also be at the forefront of his agenda.

Mattammal said although he has no political experience and is running as a Conservative in a deep blue district, he believes a “small win” is possible.

“People who normally vote democratically must be brought to justice,” he said. “There’s a moment now when Jackie is out of the way to take a risk.”

The California primaries will take place on June 7th and will narrow the field down to two candidates. The federal election will take place on November 8th.


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