Human stays found underneath dwelling whereas fixing plumbing

PITTSBURGH, Pa. (KDKA) – A homeowner in Pennsylvania and her boyfriend made a disturbing discovery on her property that explained the many times she could smell a foul odor around her home.

Tracey Douds has lived in her mobile home for about five years.

“I’ve felt weird since I’ve been here, and I didn’t know why or is it just me,” Douds said.

Her boyfriend stumbled upon human remains underneath the home while fixing the plumbing.

At first, she thought he was trying to be funny but then confirmed there were human bones when they went to double-check.

The pair called 911 and police came to investigate.

Douds said she could sometimes smell something but thought it was just a dead animal and didn’t want to mess around with it.

State police said it is unclear how the person died.

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