From etiquette to reptile care, San Francisco-based shopper web site sees fascinating new questions throughout pandemic

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Following consumer trends has many faces. What people buy is a possibility, but they also have questions and advice that they are looking for.

JustAnswer of San Francisco asks over three million questions annually from consumers who have problems and need expert help. CEO Andy Kurtzig says that over the years it has given them what is on the rise and what is losing strength.

Weddings, for example, are definitely making a comeback after COVID caused some couples to hold back. Wedding questions are up 30 percent.

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Is politeness making a comeback? Questions about etiquette are up 65 percent.

“It’s because people are like, ‘Hey, should I or not I invite this person to my party?’ ‘Should I get her vaccinated or not?’ “Should I ask you if you have a negative COVID test or not?” Sensitive topics about which you don’t really know how to ask politely, “says Kurtzig.

Inquiries about sanitary facilities have increased by 33 percent.

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“People are stuck at home. You don’t want a stranger to come into your house, ”remarked Kurtzig. “You can do a lot of these things yourself, you know. You don’t have to pay the $ 300 or $ 500 for the plumber to come to your house.”
ABC7 News reporter David Louie noted a sharp drop in interest in watch repairs. What’s behind it?

“Everyone has COVID time, right? Nobody, nobody has to watch the clock that much this year,” said Kurtzig.

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Gaming is still big, but with no new systems coming this year, this is an area that is losing steam. 32 percent less.

Advice on firearms fell by 39 percent.

Other Interesting Trends – Consumers want answers about reptilian behavior and dream interpretations, but interest in boats is losing momentum by 16 percent. Maybe that’s because people are more interested in RVs as an alternative to expensive living and working in the office. RV questions are up 27 percent.

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