Elon Musk Is Adopted By Bodyguards In all places At Twitter HQ

Bodyguards are reportedly following Elon Musk Everywhere he goes to Twitter’s California headquarters, has learned, including even the bathroom.

In a surprising development after Musk, 51, laid off almost 50% of the Twitter workforce take control of the company in October 2022, a Twitter engineer revealed that the multi-billionaire is flanked at all times by at least two “bulky” bodyguards.

Accordingly BBC Newsthey are the same two bodyguards first spotted at Musk’s side when the Tesla founder and new Twitter CEO was on trial in January for securities fraud.

“Wherever he goes in the office, there are at least two bodyguards — very bulky, tall bodyguards from Hollywood movies,” the social media engineer told the outlet this week.

“Even if he goes to the toilet,” added the engineer.

The Twitter insider went on to say that Musk is surrounded by bodyguards at all times because the billionaire “doesn’t trust” the platforms. remaining employees at corporate headquarters in San Francisco.

Even more shocking are reports about it “Nothing works” at Twitter’s San Francisco headquarters — including not just the social media platform itself, but the Building‘s plumbing and other interior work.

“For someone inside, it’s like a building with all the parts on fire,” the engineer told BBC News. “If you look at it from the outside, the facade looks good, but I can see that nothing is working.”

“All the pipes are broken, all the faucets, everything,” they added.

As As previously reported, Musk officially took over Twitter on October 27th.

About half of the company since its acquisition of the social media platform for a whopping $44 billion workforce was either fired or left of his own accord.

According to the Twitter engineer, this forced the remaining employees to do so “shift your focus” and take on responsibilities they were not previously qualified for – including programming and maintaining the full functionality of the platform.

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“A whole new person, without the expertise, is doing what used to be done by 20+ people,” the Twitter insider explained. “That leaves room for a lot more risk, a lot more opportunity for things to go wrong.”

“There are so many things broken and no one cares that you see this contradictory behavior.”

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