Emma Roberts’s Go-To Summer time Make-up Objects and On-Set Skincare

This likely goes without saying, but just to cover my bases here: Beauty trends come and go at breakneck speed. What may seem cringey now will soon come back en vogue (frosted eye shadow, skinny brows, I’m looking at both of you!), so you should really follow whatever beauty regimen you damn please, as long as it makes you feel comfortable and beautiful. Emma Roberts wholeheartedly agrees. “There’s no such thing as something being uncool, in my opinion,” she says while lounging on a velvet couch at New York’s timeless Bowery Hotel, the perfect setting to celebrate her equally iconic campaign with Italian beauty brand Kiko Milano. “I love seeing people doing different and ‘weird’ stuff that they feel confident in, [things] that maybe I don’t get but love on them.”

Emma Roberts using Kiko Milano lip color

(Image credit: Kiko Milano)

Now that being said, Roberts does endorse some “controversial” beauty tendencies of her own—trends that might have fallen out of favor but she predicts will be hot in the zeitgeist very soon. First up: a sharp, accentuated Cupid’s bow.