34 Magnificence Merchandise With Outcomes So Magical, Folks Could Accuse You Of Being A Witch

One/Size is a queer- and Filipino-owned business founded by makeup expert Patrick Starr to ensure that makeup is really one size fits all, as it should be. 

Y’alllllllll — wheeeewwww, let me collect my thoughts, I am shooketh. I *finally* got my hands on this a few weeks ago (it’s always sold out!) and all I can say it is sorcery. Patrick Starr is a witch, there’s no convincing me otherwise. I did my makeup one morning, set my face with this, and had a full on day — ran errands, went to Trader Joe’s, went to a bar, then a restaurant, sweat, and I kid you not, every time I looked in the mirror my face was M👏 A👏 T👏 T👏 E. When I got home that night, my face had not moved at all and there was literally no oil to be found on my face. I have expensive setting sprays I love but by the end of the night, I usually have a bit of shine on my face, which seems like no big deal but as an oily girly, I hate that, I look greasy 🤮. But this stuff is a magical holy grail, no shine formed against me shall prosper. I see why Beyoncé uses this. I kept hearing the hype around this but it is a bit pricey so I kept putting off buying it. This is worth every bit of hype and every single penny. And I’m frugal! I will find a nice, affordable alternative and run with it forever because some big name-brand products do not work for me and I hate spending a lot of $$ for 💩  results. If I recommend any name-brand product, it’d be this. I love this stuff and I will forever eat that price and buy this now. Big fan. 

Get it from Sephora for $32 (available in two sizes).

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