Deadly Fremont Hit-and-Run Crash Sufferer’s Son Speaks; Police Seek for Driver – CBS San Francisco

FREMONT (CBS SF) – Police are still looking for a run over driver who killed an elderly Livermore man on June 30, leaving his family heartbroken.

The victim’s only child, Howard Sham, 24, said he was struggling with a great loss and an enormous financial burden. He asks the driver to report.

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Allen Sham was a 69-year-old father and husband who died a week after being hit by a car on Peralta Avenue near Dusterberry Way before 10:30 p.m.

Police need public help to locate the suspect’s dark limousine, which can be seen in a surveillance photo. The front bumper, hood, or windshield area can be moderately damaged.

“I think I’m more angry than sad because someone just hit you and ran, you know?” Said Shame. “What kind of person does that … that’s my question, what if it were your father?”

Howard Sham lives in San Diego, where he takes a year off to work while studying. He says that before his father lost his job years ago, he was a craftsman and mechanic.

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“He was hardworking,” said Sham. “I mean, even when he was out of work, he was still trying to find ways to make money and help. I just know that he did his best. “

At the time of the crash, Sham was pushing a cart full of recyclables and personal items, according to Fremont Police. After the collision, the car stopped briefly, but the driver did not try to look at Sham after hitting him from behind.

Sham said his father may have been collecting cans for cash.

Sham’s mother suffered a stroke at the beginning of the pandemic and is now in a nursing home. He started a GoFundMe page to pay for his father’s funeral and to pay his mother’s medical bills.

While police are still looking for clues to the investigation, a Fremont resident said it is not uncommon to see accidents on this stretch of road.

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“The top speed is 25, nobody drives 35,” said Thillaivel Ranganathan. “The average speed is 45-55 mph.”

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