CHANEL’s Ammy Drammah is bringing color again to magnificence

CHANEL BEAUTY is breathing fun into your makeup routine with its “JARDIN IMAGINAIRE” collection. Inspired by the vision of CHANEL’s Global Makeup Creative Partner, Ammy Drammeh, CHANEL’s new Summer 2024 Makeup collection, titled “JARDIN IMAGINAIRE” which translates to “imaginary garden,” is the playful injection of colour and light that we’ve been craving.

Inspired by fairy tales about nature as an enchanted place, “JARDIN IMAGINAIRE” sees forest greens, celestial pinks, citrus oranges and forget-me-not blues brought to the brand’s makeup offering, in the vibrancy of the STYLO OMBRE ET CONTOUR’s kaleidoscopic shades and the glow of the BAUME ESSENTIEL highlighter.

Shot in a campaign starring CHANEL’s brand ambassador Lily-Rose Depp, the collection brings a brightness to makeup that Drammeh says she hopes will encourage wearers to “have fun with colours that one might not dare to wear on an everyday basis.” We caught up with Ammy Drammeh to get her thoughts on social media makeup trends, CHANEL runway beauty over time, and what makeup means to her.

As an MUA, you’ve mastered both avant garde and natural styles, but which style of makeup do you personally prefer to create?

It really depends on the project. Makeup is made to measure: sometimes the story you’re telling requires artefact and sometimes it requires quiet. It’s never about me, I look at the bigger picture.

It feels like certain beauty products and trends become a craze on social media every couple of weeks, before everyone moves onto the next thing. Do you think social media’s impact on beauty and how we buy beauty products has had a positive or a negative effect?

Like everything, it has its pros and cons. It’s amazing that now we have access to more information, we can learn from each other and share inside about new products and techniques. On the other hand, we can become obsessed about hype and not about the actual quality and performance of a product. I guess we should take it with a pinch of salt.

What’s a viral makeup trend you can’t get enough of right now?

This is gonna sound crazy for some people, but I don’t have TikTok or Instagram on my phone, so I discover “trends” when they’ve already expired. And it’s interesting, some of these trends are really just things we’ve been doing for decades, but with a catchy name.

Do you have a favourite beauty look that’s been featured on Chanel’s runway?

It’s hard to choose only one… Haute Couture AW 99-00 has to be one of my favourites. Models had weightless complexions with painted details in black or red on the outer corner of the eye all the way to the temples and the hair had colour sometimes matching the outfit.

Chanel Beauty is a line I personally think of as being inherited, with your mum, sister, or nan passing down the lipstick shade or eyeshadow palette that they’ve always used. What are the Chanel Beauty pieces that you would pass onto the next generation?

Baume Essentiel would definitely be the product I would pass on. Not only for its incredible finish, but for its multi-functionality.

What’s a beauty trend that doesn’t get enough attention?

I would like to embrace any trend that champions self love, self expression and generosity.

In your opinion, how should makeup make you feel?

I don’t think I should be telling people how makeup should make them feel. For some, makeup is a way to highlight their beauty. For others, makeup is a way to transform and to become a new character. Some people feel that time alone experimenting with makeup is a way of reconnecting with themselves… and that is the magic of it: its empowering in a hundred different ways.

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