Bengals Joe burrow upset in his turnovers getting into the San Francisco 49ers sport

In order for the Cincinnati Bengals to reach the playoffs, quarterback Joe Burrow and the rest of the offense must limit the number of sales in the future. Burrow leads the league in interceptions for 13 weeks at 14.

Burrow, in his sophomore season in the NFL, knows that giving the ball away as it is, even if several are not his fault, is not a recipe for success. Certainly not in December.

“That was something that I’ve been disappointed with this year, as far as I can control,” said Burrow. “Too many in my opinion.”

Cincinnati Bengals wide receiver Ja'Marr Chase (1) wobbles a pass before losing control of the ball and it into the hands of cornerback Michael Davis (43) of the in the first quarter of the NFL game of week 13 between the Cincinnati Bengals Los Angeles Chargers and Los Angeles Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati on Sunday, December 5, 2021. The Chargers were leading 24-13 at halftime.

It’s not so much the number of interceptions Burrow has thrown that is cause for concern.

In fact, four of the five players who rank just behind Burrow in interceptions are on teams capable of making the playoffs: Lamar Jackson (13), Ryan Tannehill (13), Patrick Mahomes (12), Justin Herbert ( 11) and Zach Wilson (11). The problem is more controversial when the wiretapping takes place.

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Some of them came when Burrow tried to force the ball into narrow windows like the one he threw them in the end zone against the Cleveland Browns, resulting in a combination of six.

Some came because his wide receivers didn’t secure the ball. Regardless, some came into the game at critical times and played a role in the bottom line.

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The Bengals are going into the final leg of the regular season and you could argue that any game in the future is a must to win.

In order to win these games and secure a place in the playoffs for the first time since 2015, Cincinnati cannot give the ball to its opponents in its current form. With 19 a year (14 interceptions, five fumbles), the Bengals are ranked 23rd in the NFL for giveaways.

Los Angeles Chargers outside linebacker Uchenna Nwosu (42) recovers from a fumble from Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow (9) in the first quarter during a week 13 NFL soccer game on Sunday, December 5, 2021 at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

“Yeah, I mean it has to change somehow, its shape or form,” said Brian Callahan, Bengal offensive coordinator. “The crazy thing is, we’re still sitting by… In our last three defeats we flipped the ball eight times in three defeats, I think. It won’t make it against a lot of good teams.

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“The ball losses are too many. There are too many everywhere. Our defense did a good job of getting the ball back. We really neutralize that advantage if we give the ball away as quickly as we are.” no matter if fumbles or interceptions or whatever they come. ”

The league’s leadership at interceptions is not a statistic Burrow is proud of, and he can only control a limited amount of what happens.

The Bengals can help their franchise quarterback by stepping up protections for him to limit the number of hits. When Burrow is under constant pressure, he has less time to read through his books and make the right decision about football.

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More importantly, a team has more opportunities to knock the ball out of their hand when they hit it. Burrow has been sacked 36 times this season – the second most common NFL quarterback that year.

Cincinnati Bengals quarterback Joe Burrow, 9, throws on the run in the second quarter of the NFL week 13 game between the Cincinnati Bengals and the Los Angeles Chargers at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati on Sunday, December 5, 2021 .  The Chargers were leading 24-13 at halftime.

The Bengals know they’ll go as far as Burrow needs them to go, and he has a knack for helping Cincinnati win AFC North this season. Now it’s up to him and his teammates to make sure they give each other the best chance to do so, and a large part of that will limit turnover.

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“We have faced a lot of adversity this year,” said Burrow. “We have really good people in the locker room who work really hard. These are the guys you want to go to war with here when they have to go down the track and get some tough victories.”

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