Wondrous brewing firm’s new house in San Francisco

Wondrous Brewing Company Celebrates New Minimalist Home in San Francisco

The new headquarters of Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design’s Wondrous Brewing Company is leaving its mark in San Francisco

Wondrous Brewing Company’s new headquarters in Emeryville, San Francisco Bay Area, is a minimalist brewery that celebrates craft beer. The project, completed by the multidisciplinary company Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design, is a contemporary mix of large stainless steel brewing tanks, cooling areas and grain grinding zones. Originally an empty industrial warehouse, “the change of use to a brewery required a seismic upgrade of the building and a completely new concrete floor slab to support the weight of the exceptionally heavy tanks,” explains the director of the American architecture firm Farid Tamjidi.

The project came after an investor introduced Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design to master brewer and founder of the Wondrous Brewing Company, Wynn Whisenhunt, who needed a new home for his growing business. “Brewing is a very precise and complicated process with many moving parts. We built up a certain amount of expertise and then hired the right team of consultants to carry out the project, ”says Tamjidi.

Most of the scheme consists of a large brewery facility, but also features an elegant, forward-facing taproom. “We agreed that this room didn’t look like a pub or a bar. It was a place to try the beers. In early discussions about the overall design of the project, we were all won over by the sheer simplicity and practicality of Japanese design, ”explains Tamjidi. The unadorned rooms use a palette of raw materials, where clean concrete, refined stainless steel, and fine plywood are complemented by the exposed ceilings and lofty interiors.

Over the past twenty years, Garcia Tamjidi Architecture Design has worked on a plethora of commercial, retail and residential projects around the world. “Projects like this keep our work interesting and we always strive to try out new ideas,” says Tamjidi. The company prides itself on creating timeless design that is meticulously detailed. For their latest project, “the primary goal was to build a safe, functional system to support and facilitate the creative process of beer production. In the case of the Wondrous Brewing Company, form really followed function. ‘ §

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