Why Alex Mack Signed with the San Francisco 49ers

Alex Mack spoke to the media for the first time this week as a member of the 49ers. Here is a transcript of his press conference.

Q: What drew you to the 49ers?

MACK: Looking for a team that was competitive. And the 49ers obviously have a connection with Kyle Shanahan, him as head coach, the crime he is committing. I know it’s a system that I can be really good at. It’s a criminal offense I know I can make a difference. So it was a very good match between a good team in a good place with a good coaching staff and a place where I can be a good player. “

Q: How does Shanahan’s offense fit into what you are doing?

MACK: “I’ve been on this offensive before, so I’ve played these games. I know how it fits together. I like to play the ball. It’s just a system that I know I’m good at. The scheme the outer zone is it. ” something that is my body type, how i can move, the blocks i made before, it’s something i’m comfortable with, i know i’m good at, i’m confident and i know that I am good at it. “

Q: As a veterans center, what can you do about the crime?

MACK: “As a center, you direct a lot of traffic. You communicate with the entire line of scrimmage. And why this is happening, the center has a very good view of the field. A veterans center can see everything, identify the (defensive) front, communicate it effective. The better you can do this, the more you can get people on the same page, confident in what they’re doing and moving fast. This is also an advantage for the quarterback because he doesn’t have to caring so much about some things. He can trust the center. The better the center can direct the traffic, the better the offense can be. And I think I’m pretty good at it. I had that I saw the field and made a phone call. I’ve done that before. “

Q: You are 35 years old and you are not the same player you were when you first entered the league. At Pro Football Focus, your grades have been going down over the past three years. Take one exception to that and where do you think you are in your career in terms of your level of play?

MACK: “I’m an older player. There’s no denying that. But I feel like I’m playing well. I think my film was good. I felt good about it. I think I can be great in this system be. I’m attracting. ” I don’t know exactly what goes into the PFF classes, but I know I can help be a part of this team. I know I can still play this game. I know that I can be a good player. “

Q: Have you thought about how much longer do you want to do this?

MACK: I don’t think I’ll make it to 40. I take it one year at a time to make sure I feel good, play good, and can contribute to this team. I played in Atlanta last year and I felt good, I felt good moving, I still felt like a really good player, so I decided to go back to the free hand and sign here. “

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