Who’s David Bonola, the handyman and lover of Queens mom accused of murdering her?

Aafter New York Police DepartmentA 44-year-old man was arrested Thursday in the death of a 51-year-old Orsolya Gaal, discovered in a holdall in Queens over the weekend.

NYPD detective chief James vinegarsays David Bonola is charged with second-degree murder, first-degree criminal manipulation and fourth-degree criminal firearms possession. He was due to be charged later in the day on Thursday.

Bonola confessed to police after his arrest, according to a police officer. At a news conference Thursday, Essig claimed Bonola made “incriminating statements.”

Essig said the investigation is ongoing and no suspects have been identified.

A deadly affair

Authorities believe Gaal and Bonola, a handyman employed by her family, had an intimate relationship, police said based on the preliminary investigation.

According to police, the relationship had been “on and off” for about two years and was “being mooted” when Gaal was killed early Saturday.

Gaal went to and returned to a show on Friday night forest mountains home around 12:20 a.m. Saturday, according to investigators, according to vinegar.

According to Essig, Bonola arrived at the house shortly after. He was either allowed in or he used a spare key.

An argument ensued, culminating in a violent confrontation in the home’s basement, during which Essig claimed that Bonola stabbed Gaal “recklessly and brutally.” 55 timesthey kill.

Afterwards, Bonola is accused of stuffing Gaal’s body in a hockey bag and “rolling the body down the sidewalks and leaving a bloody trail down the streets of Forest Hills,” according to the video.

A horrifying discovery

According to Essig, a member of the public discovered her body in a bag just before 8 a.m. Saturday.

The NYPD previously said a suspicious bloody bag had been reported nearby Metropolitan Avenue and Jackie Robinson Parkway. Officials discovered an unconscious and unresponsive woman in a duffel bag, and she was pronounced dead by rescue workers.

According to the NYPD, a trail of blood led to this 72-24 Juno Street, about half a mile northwest of where the bag was discovered. Gaal, who resided at Juno Street, has been identified as the woman.

According to the Office of the New York CoronerGaal’s cause of death was ruled a sharp laceration to the neck and her cause of death was manslaughter.

Lots of evidence against Bonola

Essig said Thursday that investigators found the jacket Bonola was wearing when Gaal was killed. At another location, they discovered boots, a T-shirt, and bloody bandages. According to Essig, Bonola was treated for wounds on both hands at a local hospital later on Saturday.

The knife believed to have been used in Gaal’s murder was also recovered by police. The knife matched other knives found in the apartment Deputy Chief Commanding Officer of Queens North Julie Morrill.

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