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What to know earlier than heading to a San Francisco Giants sport

We asked our audience what you think of the new Giants’ safety protocols for entering a game and you didn’t hold back.

SACRAMENTO, California – The recently announced San Francisco Giants fans will be welcomed back to Oracle Park with evidence of a negative COVID-19 test or proof of vaccination.

We asked you on Facebook how you felt about the policy change and you didn’t hold back with reasons as to why you weren’t going to be in a game.

The ABC10 team dug a little deeper into the top comments for more information on why the players aren’t ready to get involved with the home team at the stadium just yet.


That type of comment was the most popular we received. As of Friday April 2, the Giants website states that they have “been approved to operate at up to 22% capacity with testing / vaccination requirements for entry” and that “information is subject to change”.

While we can’t verify that this information was not provided prior to the Thursday announcement, we can tell you that the Giants have been working to make the information available to fans since the announcement. The organization emailed updated information on ticket sales and COVID-19 security protocols to Visa cardholders on Friday April 2. The official website for the Giants now has a full breakdown of the security protocols and everything you need to know before visiting Oracle Park.


While not everyone is currently eligible to receive the vaccine, anyone can get a free COVID-19 test.

According to the Department of Health and Human Services, “COVID-19 tests are available free of charge at health centers and select pharmacies nationwide. The Families First Coronavirus Response Act ensures that COVID-19 tests are free for everyone in the US, including those who are not Additional testing sites may be available in your area. Contact your health care provider or state or local health department for more information. “

Dignity Health, the Giants’ health care provider, has also partnered with the Giants for access to rapid COVID-19 molecular tests (PCR) at certain emergency centers in Northern California.


We went through the Giants official ticketing website and picked a Saturday night home game to find out how expensive it would be for a group of four to attend.

The most expensive four-person tickets are $ 82 per ticket for patio-level promenade seating. After taxes and fees, the total is $ 392.50. However, cheaper tickets like those in the reservations area for the top view are available for $ 27 per ticket for a total of $ 129.50.

There are high ticket prices on third party websites where people want to make a profit. For the same game, we found one person selling Field Club tickets for $ 358 per ticket, which makes a grand total of $ 1,783.68 after taxes and fees for a group of four.

There are still affordable ways to see a live game if you are comfortable with the family.


If you’re feeling like Kathie and don’t want to play a game at all this season but still have a coupon from last season, there are options to get your money back.

First, ticket holders must ensure that their account information for MySFTix is ​​updated. This can be done by going to your account, clicking Payment Info, editing, or adding a new payment method.

To request a refund, use the link in previous emails sent by the Giants organization on April 29th, June 12th or June 25th.

If you purchased tickets through a third party such as stubhub.com or seatgeek.com, you will need to contact that company to coordinate a credit.

Whether you want to stay home and watch from the comfort of your couch or head back to the ballpark, we know fans will still be cheering for the orange and black.

Would you go to a Giants game with their new COVID-19 precautions? Join the conversation on Facebook.

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