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What Time Of Year Is Best For Pest Control For Bugs?

The protection of our health, our food, and the security of our property are all factors in pest control for bugs. As a result, having a pest management strategy in place for general protection is vital. However, until anything goes wrong, bug management is rarely a high priority for homeowners. As a result, bug infestations and more expensive pest control treatments are common.

Spring, out of the four seasons of the year, is the best time to have pest control for bugs. While pest counts are low in the spring, pest management can help you eliminate nests and colonies. The treatment becomes more effective and long-lasting since it involves less effort.

We’ll have a lot more work to do to control the infestations if you wait until there are a lot of bugs. However, it’s never too late to spray for pests. Apart from the fact that most pest control firms advise quarterly pest control, most experts believe that certain periods of the year are more effective than others.

What Season Do Bugs Come Out?

Bugs and other insects change as much as the weather does. As a result, depending on the time of year and the pests you expect, the tactics you use to prepare your home will differ.


The arrival of spring heralds a rise in temperatures, ice melting, and flower blooming. As the temperature warms, bugs begin to emerge from their comfortable hiding places. Many insects’ homes will be flooded by spring rains, forcing them to seek fresh ground higher up. When these bugs first appear, they will only be concerned with two things: food and water.

The majority of bugs awaken and reproduce in the spring. Therefore, many bugs will begin to venture outside during the spring, searching for mating partners. Even though bugs are a year-round issue, their populations might grow in the spring due to increased travel for Easter and spring break from schools.

Why Spring is the Best Time to Spray the House for Bugs?

While most pest control companies claim that spraying the house for bugs may be done at any time of year, plenty of experts believes spring is the most effective. But why is it the case?

Following a time of dormancy, many bugs, insects, and pests emerge as the warmer months approach. If you’re wondering, this is the time of year when bugs are looking for food, leftovers, and even crumbs, and your home is the perfect spot for them to look.

In addition, tackling pest management in the spring is a good idea because most spiders, ants, ticks, and mosquitoes are weak after a long winter. Many of these pests will die off over the winter, allowing pest control to begin where it left off during the winter!

Most pest control specialists recommend spraying the house for bugs in the spring for the above reasons. That said, it is entirely dependent on the conditions.

With all that said, when should you call a pest exterminator? Click here to learn more.


If you have a known bug infestation at any time of year, you should never hesitate to call in the pros. Similarly, if you can’t recall the last time you had a pest control inspection, now is the time to schedule one!

Regular inspections are recommended, and most homes and businesses require quarterly pest management, according to pest experts. Finally, if you have any other pest control issues, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our San Jose exterminators can help you.

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