Watch A Large Home In San Francisco Roll Down The Street To New Handle

On February 20, there was a strange sight in San Francisco when a 139 year old house rolled through the city streets. Lots of people came out to watch the unusual sight of a huge house coming down the street. The structure is beautiful, so it is good that the building can stand, even if the location is different.

The move of the house was careful and deliberate. The team that accepted the challenge lifted the house from the foundations and onto a huge dolly. They then dragged it about seven blocks to the new location. This happened very slowly as obstacles such as parking meters, street lights, power lines and trees had to be dealt with.

This wasn’t even the only building that had to move during this endeavor. This house stands next to what is currently a morgue, and this structure had to be moved about 12 feet to make room.

Planning for this arduous process began in 2019. The move was originally scheduled to take place in January 2021, but bad weather forced the move to be postponed, according to SF Gate.

The developer intends to convert the moved house and morgue into a 17-unit residential complex. A new multi-family house with 47 units will also be built on the former site of the house, reported SF Gate.

The reason for the move has to do with San Francisco’s notoriously expensive real estate. The land on which the house stood was worth more than the house itself. However, the structure had enough historical significance not to be demolished. The building originally belonged to the owner of a trading company that carried cargo through the city at the end of the 19th century.

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