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Wanderlust: Article about tv and intercourse has develop into Twitter’s new favorite meme | indy100

Let’s set the scene. You are having a romantic night in the with your partner.

You just watched a movie after eating a delicious meal. Then your partner starts looking at you.

You realize what is going on and say the words you know your loved one has been waiting to hear:

Let’s sweep the special chimney.

We know. Not everyone says that.

In fact, we’re not sure if anyone in the history of planet earth has ever said this, save for a Victorian chimney sweep who may once have been asked to clean a chimney at Buckingham Palace.

But somehow that remarkable phrase got into a Times article titled, “I’ll tell you what to do with midlife sex – television.”

In the article, writer Carol Midgley suggests that watching TV all the time will lead to a decline in your sex life.

We’re sure Carol is a lovable person and that the article contains a valid period, but there is something about the fact that it contains the phrase “special chimney” and that The Times included it in the copy of the tweet for the article backfires.

As we all know by now, once they find something amusing, Twitter can’t help but keep talking about it and making funny jokes.

Here are some of the best.

For some people, loving forever is a thought.

Some were still a little confused about what it actually meant to sweep the special chimney.

There were lots of Mary Poppins gifs.

Even other publications were enthusiastic.

Some people really appreciated it.

We honestly don’t know what’s going on anymore.

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