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Visalia 3-12 months-Previous Dies in Scorching Automotive After Mother Leaves Her to Have a tendency Pot Develop – CBS San Francisco

VISALIA (AP) – A three-year-old girl has died after her mother left her in a car for several hours while she worked in a marijuana grower in the San Joaquin Valley, police said.

The doors were closed and the windows were up and the outside temperature was around 100 degrees when rescue workers were dispatched to the parked vehicle on Thursday, the Visalia Police Department said in a statement.

Family members as well as a police officer and paramedic attempted to resuscitate Jessica Campos, but she was pronounced dead after she was rushed to the hospital.

Eustajia Mojica

Eustajia Mojica. (Police Visalia via KSEE-TV)

Detectives conducted interviews and learned that Eustajia Mojica Dominguez, 28, was handling an illegal marijuana cultivation while her child was in the car for up to 3 hours, police said.

They later searched Mojica Dominguez’s home and found 125 pounds of marijuana plants and approximately 425 pounds of processed marijuana. Four other children, aged 15.11 years and two aged 9 months, who lived in the house, were placed in the care of the youth welfare office, the police said.

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Four adults in the house were arrested and booked to investigate child risk.

Mojica Dominguez was held in the county jail for negligent homicide. It is not immediately clear whether she has hired a lawyer to speak for her.

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