Violent, Sexual Predator Charles Christman Shifting To San Francisco After Public Outcry In Napa County – CBS San Francisco

NAPA (KPIX) – A judge has ordered an elderly sexually violent predator to be brought to San Francisco after a strong public outcry over its proximity to Napa County’s children and schools.

Charles Leroy Christman was first assigned to the California Department of Mental Health back in 1997 after being convicted of sexually assaulting boys between the ages of 7 and 14. The 76-year-old was released to Walnut Creek in 2015 and re-admitted to Coalinga State Hospital after allegedly trying to contact a boy at a community center.

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Christman was released to a residence in Coombsville last October, sparking a wave of opposition.

Napa residents sent 500 letters and a petition with 793 signatures to the Napa District Attorney’s Office demanding that Christman be taken to San Francisco, where the crimes were committed. They indicated that 62 children and two schools were near his home at 4018 E. 3rd Avenue.

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On Monday, the San Francisco Supreme Court ordered Christman to be relocated to a San Francisco address on or before April 25, adding that the move had been announced and had no objections.

Deputy District Attorney Agnes Dziadur, who handled the case, praised the court’s decision.

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“This change of heart by the San Francisco Supreme Court is testament to our office’s commitment to notifying the Napa community, providing a mechanism for boosting the neighborhood voices, and the patience to go through the correct procedures to ensure Mr. Christman has an appropriate placement – outside of Napa County, ”Dziadur said.

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