Video Exhibits Intense San Francisco Winds Bringing Down Items of Trump-Owned Constructing

With this update we feel like Chicken Little.

Trump Tower was blown to pieces on Tuesday, March 14th.

A video shared by TikTok users, Dronekoa caught parts of the tower breaking off and falling onto the street after high winds hit San Francisco.

“The Trump building is falling apart,” he wrote over the video.

The intense clip caught the TikTok user filming from a building next to Trump Tower as the glass windows began to shatter and fell into the streets of the city’s financial district.

“It’s glass,” said a man filming behind the camera. “Oh my god, it’s cracking! More is falling,” he said while filming a piece of glass that looked like it was headed straight for him.

“Be careful, be careful. Back, back,” he said, walking away from the window when the glass seemed to come towards the window he was looking out of.

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The TikTok user titled the video “San Francisco Wind Breaking Windows”.

The video was then cut to the TikTok user in the street as firefighters attempted to bring the situation under control.

“😳😳😳that’s scary 😧 imagine a piece of glass flying in your face at that speed!!!” A user wrote in the comments.

“Do you ever feel like a piece of glass floating in the wind,” quipped another user, referring to lyrics by Katy Perrys Hit song “Fireworks”.

“I grew up watching Final Destination movies. This is traumatizing lol 😳,” added a third user.

According to ABC7 News, a local news station in San Francisco, firefighters have reported that a 43rd-story window is completely shattered, while another window is cracked.

“There’s no way to tell if a rock or object hit the window, but we’ve heard reports from people who’ve seen things flying through San Francisco.” Captain Jonathan Baxter This was announced by the San Francisco Fire Department.

Fortunately, no one was injured, but emergency services took extra precautions and closed all surrounding streets in case more glass fell from the building.

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