Chimney Sweep

Trunk-or-Deal with Concepts – Tinybeans

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Disney car

Everyone loves Disney-style suitcase-or-treat ideas! Try this popular one.

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Happy campers

Set up camp at your Trunk-or-Treat! The campfire is especially fun!

death of the dead

Deona Wade

How colorful is this Day of the Dead Trunk-or-Tasty theme? With a few paper garlands, blankets, pumpkins, and a sugar skull or two, you can easily pull this off. Get all the details at Deonna Wade.

Party City kits

party town

If you want to go big but find all your supplies in one place, check out Party City’s themed trunk or treat kits. You’ll find Hocus Pocus, Super Mario Bros., and classic Halloween kits, and they all include balloons, serving dishes, streamers, and more!

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Virtually perfect in every way

An Alli event

We love this detailed Mary Poppins trunk-or-treat idea spotted at An Alli Event. The faux fireplace adds the perfect chimney sweep touch, and with costumes like these and a few props, you’re ready for any event, too. A spoonful of sugar optional!

It’s a jungle out there

Dandelions and Daffodils

Roar in the trunk or treat with a jungle theme. Collect some stuffed animals and artificial plants. Then add the finishing touches with a DIY wooden sign and an adorable tiger cub. Bonus: themed cozy animal costumes are perfect for the fall weather. Check out dandelions and daffodils for more wild inspiration.

gummy ball machine

An Alli event

This DIY gumball machine drink or treat idea is one to chew on. We love that it goes with a simple apron costume and doesn’t require much more than fabric, paper, and puffballs. Take a closer look here.

Who are you calling?

Chickflix via instructables

Poster Stock is used along with a Diaper Wipe Box, PVC Pipe, and Hazmat Stickers to craft this Ghostbuster Containment Machine. Add in a proton pack of Tupperware odds and ends and plenty of cans of black spray paint and the ghosts and ghouls have found their opponent. Just head over to Instructables for the detailed instructions.

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Just keep swimming

The genius of this Finding Nemo-inspired trunk-or-treat idea is turning the pumpkins into clownfish. With a blue background in the truck and a hand-painted Dory, the stage is set. The tissue paper decorations add a touch of coral color.


An Alli event

Here’s one of those easy trunk-or-treat ideas that will pop! Fill the car with yellow helium balloons outfitted as minions and you’ll be done with a despicable display. You can also use blue balloons for an aquatic, bubbly underwater scene, or multi-colored ones as gumballs.

bat cave


A cave is the perfect Halloween backdrop, whether you’re a monster, ghoul, or bat. The stalagmites and stalactites for this bat cave are made of styrofoam, which is attached to the open stem with paper bats on string, or secured in the foam with toothpicks. Visit Tikkido for the details.

Cookie Monster

For the love of felt

A great cookie monster trunk or treat theme just requires the right color of blue. This version of Love of Felt uses a wooden frame, black cloth mouth, brown felt cookies, and billboard eyes. You can also have the open trunk for a mouth, blue fabric stretched in place, styrofoam balls for eyes, and cardboard cookies.

The big pumpkin


Peanuts for peanuts! This trunk-or-treat idea uses dollar store props and well-crafted cutouts to create a low-budget Halloween scene – Linus lurking for the Great Pumpkin. This clever comic scene by Charlie Brown used plastic pumpkins, burlap to line the trunk, some fall fabric placemats and faux leaves, as well as a Linus billboard and a welcome sign. Visit Lynlee’s for all the details.

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