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These San Francisco houses bought for lower than $1M in October

There have been whispers of falling home and rent prices in the San Francisco Bay Area, but that hasn’t yet translated into practical, noticeable drops for residents looking for something even remotely affordable. In fact, even homes under $1 million—still a vast, largely unattainable sum of money for many—are nearly impossible to come by in San Francisco. To further illustrate this point and show what you can get for less than seven figures, we’ve compiled a list of six figure homes that sold in the month of October, according to Zillow.

Some of the houses offer more than others as you will see. None is larger than about 1,300 square feet. And some include interesting amenities, like a surprisingly expansive garden area. See the full list below.

350 Howth St

Neighborhood: sea ​​view

Sold for: $975,000

This two bedroom, one bath home recently came on the market for the first time in 50 years, according to agents. It originally had a price tag of $1.2 million in July but sold well below that. Described as the “perfect starter house,” it has plenty of carpeted space, a decent-sized kitchen, and an odd laundry/dryer room with a treadmill and what appears to be a corner shower. Also a nice little backyard!

Check out the full list on Zillow.

146 Wienstr.

Neighborhood: wood wool

Sold for: $900,000

With three beds and two baths, believe it or not, this 1,329-square-foot home is larger than most of its competitors in the sub-$1 million price range. It’s a two-story building that needs some TLC to clean up the interior, and many of the rooms don’t get enough natural light. However, it includes a covered terrace and a garage.

Check out the full list on Zillow.

394 Capistrano Avenue.

Neighborhood: Mission Terrace

Sold for: $935,000

A two bedroom, one bathroom property flanked by two palm trees out front. The listing says you have to go through the garage to get to the bathroom, which doesn’t seem ideal. This sold below the original asking price of $1.1 million.

Check out the full list on Zillow.

879 Ralphstr.

Neighborhood: Crocker Amazon

Sold for: $918,000

An elegant, modernized two bedroom, one bathroom home with lovely views of the backyard, garden, patio and storage area. The kitchen has lots and lots of natural light, but it’s tiny. The bathroom also seems quite small.

Check out the full list on Zillow.

230 Brookdale Ave.

Neighborhood: Sunnydale

Sold for: $883,000

It’s only two bedrooms and one bath, but this 1,040-square-foot property makes the most of its space. The living room and kitchen are relatively spacious and welcoming. There are many new or updated features in the kitchen and bathroom.

Check out the full list on Zillow.

1149 Plymouth Ave.

Neighborhood: Ingleside

Sold for: $900,000

This Ingleside home features funky colors and textures throughout, including large black and white tiles in the kitchen. It’s only one bedroom and one bathroom but the backyard area is really big and could easily host all kinds of social events.

Check out the full list on Zillow.

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