‘The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs’ is a shifting and accessible opera about Steve Jobs’ life inside and outside of Apple

“The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs,” by acclaimed San Francisco composer Mason Bates and Pulitzer-winning librettist Mark Campbell, is being performed at the San Francisco Opera, September 22nd – October 7th.

Under the baton of Michael Christie, Bates’ score takes us on an operatic journey through the fragmented memory of love, betrayal, obsession and death, weaving together classical lyricism and a techno soundscape informed by the audio of early computers.

The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs (Image: San Francisco Opera)

Therese Poletti for MarketWatch:

Along with his major influence on Silicon Valley, co-founding Apple with Steve Wozniak at age 21, and guiding the design of breakthrough innovations such as the Mac and eventually the iPhone to the iPad, Jobs the business genius was also well-known to often be cruel, maniacally focused and controlling. It is undeniable that there has always been much fascination with Jobs, his ouster from Apple and epic comeback, the myths and stories, versus his highly scripted public persona, potentially making him a worthy subject of one of the most complete art forms.

After seeing “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs,” a moving and accessible opera, Jobs proved to be a perfect protagonist by theatrical standards. He was a complex and contradictory force and his untimely death at age 56 was indeed tragic, no matter how you felt about him. With Jobs as the linchpin, the opera is a story about life and death in one act, sung in English, that is only 100 minutes long, a deeply layered look at the multi-faceted tech visionary…

“I made up the language,” Campbell said. “You don’t know what Woz and Steve were saying when they were making that prototype. We don’t know that. These are two stoner boys, a little bit older than teenagers, maybe in their parents garage, and not realizing at all that they were going to revolutionize the universe with what they were doing there.”

MacDailyNews Take: Jobs certainly lived an operatic life. More info about “The (R)evolution of Steve Jobs”here.

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