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Beauty influencers take their message to social media followers all over the world. In November, it was reported that Turkey has overtaken France as the second most popular tourist destination. But not because of the mosques or the Mediterranean. 

“Beauty Tourism” — visiting foreign countries to get medical and cosmetic procedures, as well as find cheaper medications and skin care treatments is rapidly taking a dominant role in the trillion dollar growth of the wellness tourism market.

The growth comes from beauty influencers who recommend perfect places to get beauty and skincare products and treatments.

The idea that one’s primary reason for travel is to maintain or improve health has grown even more exponentially since COVID-19 restrictions were lifted. Spa services, beneficial activities, and healing the mind and body rank high. Travel also offers a chance to find joy and decompress while seeing iconic sights.

Wellness Tourism Is Gaining Huge Popularity

As global priorities shift post-pandemic and consumers pursue health and self-care in greater numbers, pharmacies, spa therapies, and similar retailers and services note a surge in traffic and sales. The wellness tourism industry is likely to continue its rise.

The rise of beauty influencers and their platforming of wellness treatments propel product sales and brand engagement. With increasing consumer interest in international beauty products, surgeries, and services, influencers and media personalities push regional offerings en masse.

French Pharmacies

Though art and architecture are the primary draws cited by France’s out-of-towners, influencers have been heading to the country to peruse their pharmacies. The hashtag “#frenchpharmacy” has over 280.1 million views on TikTok, all of which act as pseudo-advertisements for these essential beauty tourism stops. French pharmacies are known for their skincare product offerings, many of which are unavailable elsewhere.

French dermacosmetics’ popularity is fueled by young consumers’ interest. TikTok user laurammarian documented one of her French pharmacy visits. She mentions some brands that can be found even at 50% off or purchasing two products with 25% off. Tourists shopping here save money and find products that are unavailable in other places.

Additionally, European cosmetic standards differ from those of U.S. products. The European Union (EU) banned or limited more than 1,600 chemicals from personal care, many of which are still available stateside. The stringent cosmetic guidelines contribute to French pharmacies’ popularity. French pharmacies, as those familiar with their offerings, report gentler and more nourishing properties.

Beauty Market in South Korea

South Korea has pioneered developments in cosmetics, namely skin care. Searches for “glass skin” products, popularized by Korean beauty products that help consumers achieve glossy, reflective skin, have soared 202% since 2019. On TikTok, searching “#glassskin” generates results that have received around 6 billion views. Similar Google search results show that Korean skincare inquiries have spiked 258% in the same time frame. The hashtag “#koreanskincare” has 9.7 billion views on TikTok.

The hashtag “#koreatravel” has 1.4 billion views on TikTok, likely compounded by beauty tourists’ travel logs. Many consumers, influencers or otherwise, utilize social media to show or locate retailers that offer sought-after beauty products at reasonable prices. Brands’ social media presence is also likely to contribute.

TikTok user w.bella shows product prices found within the Myeongdong district. Besides reasonable costs, tourists traversing South Korea note exceptional customer service experiences. Beauty retailers often boast high-quality store decorations, especially in the Gangnam district. TikTok user and traveler LaxtoLuxury breaks down her positive experience with treatments she got in the capital of South Korea. These clinics offer high-quality service and personalized routines at much lower prices than comparable U.S. offerings.

Alongside beauty products, South Korea has also gained popularity for its reasonable cosmetic procedure prices. These offerings mainly attract young international clients. Roger, a young content creator from Los Angeles, California, broadcast his glass skin journey on Instagram. There, he reports undergoing several “painful treatments,” including Potenza and Ulthera.

The Influence of the Young Generation

With post-lockdown spikes in mental health awareness and well-being, more travelers transform regular vacations into impromptu wellness retreats.

Despite inflation plaguing many consumers’ shopping experiences, stateside or otherwise, many wellness sectors anticipate rapid growth, surpassing the overall economic growth of other sectors. As cosmetic goods and aesthetic services become a tourist attraction for deal-seeking consumers, the industry continues to utilize technology and social media to connect with a young customer base who openly share their lives on social media.

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