Summer time warmth brings enterprise increase to San Francisco’s Mission District

SAN FRANCISCO — Summer is in full swing, and businesses and residents are taking full advantage of the warm weather.

One of the hottest spots in San Francisco is El Techo, the only rooftop bar in the Mission District. Vincent Chooi, the manager, is anticipating a bustling day.

“Right now, our dining room will fill up pretty soon, as you see with the view in the L shape corner of Mission and 23rd,” said Chooi. “That’s where the cocktail area is where people come and have drinks and small bites.”

El Techo offers a stunning panoramic view of San Francisco, making it a favorite for many. Among the patrons is Janeth Flores, a hairdresser from Santa Clara, who decided to escape the South Bay heat wave and spend the day with friends in the city.

“I decided to take a few days off, you know, from between last weekend and the holiday to do me a little bit,” said Flores. “I came to the city to escape the heat. It’s currently 103 where I live, and it’s about 80 something over here, so it’s nice.”

For businesses like El Techo, the warm weather is a much-needed boost. After struggling through the pandemic, they’re seeing a resurgence in customers eager to enjoy the first heat wave of the season.

“We’re expecting a really busy day,” said Chooi. “We knew Fourth of July would be busy and we also know that a lot of people like to stay local, and those are the people we try to cater as well.”

Capitalizing on this opportunity, Chooi and head chef Juan Torres are planning a special Fourth of July Party.

“We’re opening at 1 o’clock until 9:30 tomorrow. We have a fantastic DJ Olga coming to run her set between 3 and 6 o’clock,” said Chooi.

“It’s nice to incorporate the Latin flavor. Of course, it’s an American holiday, but as immigrants here, we respect that and we put our own little flair too. So we’re going to do some citrus marinated pork ribs and a little bit of beans and rice,” added Torres.

Flores also sees this as a perfect opportunity to celebrate Independence Day while taking a break during the hot days.

“I think we’re breaking records again. Last year, we experienced really hot heat waves so it’s tough to try to keep cool for those of us who don’t have AC,” she said.

As the summer heat continues, El Techo and other local businesses in the Mission District are ready to welcome the crowds, offering a perfect blend of good food, great views and festive celebrations.

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