The San Francisco Spirits Competition is the largest and most influential spirits competition and is followed closely by consumers and trade. The competition’s judging panel is made up of the most respected, experienced experts in the spirits industry from James-Beard honored mixologists to best-selling liquor authors. The panel recognized Stoli’s rigor in quality and consistency across its entire line, as well as the brand’s pioneering history in flavored vodka. With a Double Gold Award, The San Francisco Spirits Competition honored Stoli® Premium as a classically styled, exceptionally smooth vodka with a clean, balanced taste. Additionally, Stoli® Vanil™ received accolades for its elegant aromas of vanilla pod, crème anglaise and chocolate, as well as its creamy sweet palette.

“It is an honor for ten of our Stoli® expressions to be awarded by the prestigious San Francisco Spirits Competition,” said Damien McKinney, CEO of Stoli® Group. “We’re thrilled that the uncompromised quality we pour into each bottle is being recognized by a premier judging panel.”

Stoli® Group uses only the purest high-quality ingredients. The spirit is first blended with artesian well water, then filtered through active birch charcoal and quartz sand to create a liquid with unsurpassed smoothness. Stoli® is distilled three times to produce a unique balance between character and smooth taste. All of Stoli® flavored vodka starts with the exceptional quality and original character of Stoli® Premium Vodka as its base.

About Stoli® Group
Stoli® Group was established in 2013 and is responsible for the production, management, and distribution of a global spirits and wines portfolio. Mainly known for the Stoli® Vodka brand, Stoli Group has expanded to appeal to luxury on-premise and more sophisticated global consumers. Signature brands are: Stoli® Vodka, elit™Vodka, Bayou® Rum, Kentucky Owl™, Villa One™, Gator Bite™ Rum Liquers, Cenote™ Tequila, Tulchan Gin™, Se Busca™ Mezcal and Stoli Group’s wine division, Tenute del Mondo®. With a presence across a network of more than 176 markets, Stoli Group works with a passionate team of 200 distributors around the world. Headquartered in LuxembourgStoli has production facilities in Spain, Italy, Argentinaand the United States, some of which are steeped in history dating back to the early part of the last century. For more information, visit stoli-group.com.

SAVOR STOLI® RESPONSIBLY. STOLI® Premium Vodka and Flavored Premium Vodka. 37.5%-40% Alc./Vol. (75-80 proof). Distilled from Grain. US distributor: Stoli Group United StatesLLC, New York, NYUSA and/or Global Distributor: SPI Spirits (Cyprus) Limited, The Republic of Cyprus. ™ and ® – trademarks or registered trademarks of, depending on the country, ZHS IP Americas Sàrl, ZHS IP Europe Sàrl, ZHS IP Worldwide Sàrl, or Spirits International BV © 2022. All rights reserved.

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