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Stolen San Francisco service canine reunited with proprietor

Stolen San Francisco Service Dog reunited with owner

A stolen San Francisco service dog named Summer was reunited with her owner.

A German Shepherd named Summer, who was stolen from her owner earlier this week, is back home.

Summer was dating her owner Locke MacKenzie on Waller Street Monday night when a suspect grabbed the dog by the harness and ran away.

Somebody later found the dog and called the Oakland police, who turned Summer over to animal service.

Since Summer has a microchip, the officers were able to find her rightful owner and reunite the two on Thursday evening.

“I wish she could talk to tell me about her adventure,” said MacKenzie. “But I am very relieved and very happy to have her back in my life and so on, because she is my companion, she is my dog. And we are a team.”

The investigation into who kidnapped Simmer is ongoing. There were no arrests at this point.

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Another stolen dog was reunited with its owner this week.

Police said someone from Sacramento saw on social media that “Rosie” was forcibly stolen on Jan. 1, which he did not know when he bought the French Bulldog.

He called the police on Monday and the police confirmed it was the same stolen dog.

And Rosie was reunited with her owner.

Neither the owner nor the Sacramento man wanted to be identified.

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