SF Hospital CEO Suggests This 4th Wave of COVID-19 May’ve Peaked — at Least in San Francisco

Based on Latest City Data, Zuckerberg SF General Hospital CEO reveals hospital admissions have weakened and cases are gradually declining. SF states it may have experienced the worst of this COVID-19 wave.

Delta variant It has changed our optimistic view that the pandemic is about to end. Hot Girl VaxxSummenS Now more or less turned into a COVID season of fear..Wearing a mask and vaccination will continue to be our best tool in combating disease (group immunity). More out of reach).

Given that both hospital admission rates and the 7-day moving average recorded continue to decline, the CEO of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital could postpone this worst wave of COVID-19. It is said there is.

Finally here in San Francisco.

Dr. Susan Erich, chief executive officer of Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital, said: NBC Bay Area. “As you know, based on the trends in the current data, this is what it looks like.”

Much more, given the high incubation rate of Delta variants. Most Dominant Stock Currently Circulating in the Country and Bay Area – The current dataset may not be representative of future plans. It’s encouraging, but still. And as Erich says: Not only here, but for the entire population, the pandemic has not only taught the lessons of humility.

“But this pandemic has taught me a lot of humility,” she continues. “So it’s hard to make a full estimate of what’s going to happen, but with this spike right now, yes, I’ll say that.”

Ehrlich states that the San Francisco General has currently hospitalized 19 patients for coronavirus infections. Fifteen of these patients have not been vaccinated while the other four are groundbreaking cases. These numbers further indicate the effectiveness of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Solano County also confirmed that cases had been stable for the past 7 days. However, the hospitalization rate is also rising in the Alameda district of Santa Clara County, but there was a slight increase in hospitalizations related to COVID-19 last week.

To get the emotions of Dr. To repeat Friday’s Bob Wachter: We humans don’t vote when the pandemic is officially over … Pathogens do. If the fifth wave collapses, we are even better prepared now.

For more information about the Covid-19 vaccine and how to get the vaccine in San Francisco and the county, visit:

Photo: Getty Images / Serr Novik

SF Hospital CEO suggests that this 4th wave of COVID-19 could have peaked – at least in San Francisco Source link SF Hospital CEO suggests that this 4th wave of COVID-19 might have peaked – at least in San Francisco

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