Science, artwork and expertise converge as Shiseido and CDFG convey pop-up to World Magnificence Plaza : Moodie Davitt Report

A golden outpost, highlighting the third-generation Shiseido Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment, blends science, augmented-reality retailtainment and celebrity livestreaming at the Global Beauty Plaza in Hainan

CHINA. Shiseido Travel Retail has partnered with China Duty Free Group (CDFG) to showcase the Shiseido Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment with a dynamic pop-up campaign in Hainan.

The animation, located in the Global Beauty Plaza (Block C) of the cdf Sanya International Duty Free Shopping Complex (Block C), is running throughout May.

The pop-up features an immersive ingredient-led beauty experience with a research laboratory-style augmented-reality (AR) game. It is Shiseido Travel Retail’s first animation at the Global Beauty Plaza.

(Above and below) The animation is dressed in an elegant colour palette of gold and purple, which reflects the same hues as the Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment

The immersive ingredient-led beauty AR game is at the centre of the experience. This interactive game simulates a laboratory environment, inviting visitors to ‘conduct research’ and try their hands at creating the renewed Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment.

This is followed by an educational video on the benefits of retinol, which concludes with a research summary alongside a redemption code for a deluxe sample from a Shiseido vending machine.

Shiseido Global Brand Ambassador Liu Yi Fei (middle) officially unveiled the pop-up with key representatives from China Duty Free Group and Shiseido Travel Retail on 5 May

A striking photo opportunity greets travellers at the entrance of the animation, while a product display showcases several travel retail exclusives. Shoppers can also receive bespoke skincare recommendations at a dedicated consultation area.

To officially unveil the animation, Chinese/American celebrity and Shiseido Global Brand Ambassador Liu Yi Fei joined the official ribbon-cutting ceremony on 5 May. She also featured in a special livestream.

During the livestream event, Liu talked about her personal travel skincare routine, her favourite Shiseido beauty products and her ongoing collaboration with the brand. In addition, a lucky fan got to interact with Liu onstage to play different games.

By playing the laboratory-style AR game, travellers can receive free samples from a vending machine
Liu Yi Fei shared her beauty travel skincare must-haves with fans during the well-attended celebrity/livestream event on 5 May

Liu was joined by executives from CDFG and Shiseido Travel Retail who officially unveiled the animation with a dynamic phygital ribbon-cutting ceremony.

CDFG Vice President of Perfume and Cosmetics category, Product Merchant Division Dorothy Liu commented: “The current travel retail climate is defined by the desire for memorable experiences, ranging from exclusive products to celebrity and KOL meet and greets. We are delighted to bring the best of Japanese beauty innovation to our travellers in partnership with Shiseido Travel Retail.”

“This engaging month-long activation reinforces our strategic partnership with China Duty Free Group while offering travellers an exclusive Japanese beauty experience with Shiseido that marries science, art and technology,” added Shiseido Travel Retail Vice President Marketing Siv Chao.

“Our investment in China Duty Free Group’s Block C complex provides the perfect retail opportunity to strengthen Shiseido Travel Retail’s vision to create a culture of beauty and value for our travellers.”

(Above and below) During the livestream, Liu took fans through the animation’s retailtainment features, which include a skincare consultation area, photo area and AR game 

Shiseido Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment

The pop-up celebrates the latest iteration of Shiseido’s hero Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment. The treatment is specifically designed to reduce wrinkles and tear troughs (deep wrinkles in the eye area -Ed) in Asian skin.

The new three-dimensional fading tear trough formula addresses three main causes of tear trough lines in Asian skin: lines, darkness and sagging.

The formula includes pure retinol, which penetrates multiple skin layers to promote collagen production. It has also been infused with new ingredient, tranexamic acid PRO with 4MSK, which helps to promote accumulated melanin release and skin regeneration to brighten and improve the look of dark circles.

The third-generation Shiseido Vital Perfection WrinkleSpot Treatment has been specifically formulated with Micro-Liposome technology for Asian skin. It contains pure retinol, which nourishes and tightens the delicate skin in the eye area. 

The third-generation Shiseido Vital Perfection Intensive WrinkleSpot Treatment has a smooth and light texture. It is made with Micro-Liposome encapsulation technology, tailored to Asian skin. The technology allows for pure Vitamin A to reach the dermis, reducing skin irritation.

A third-party consumer test revealed a -25% reduction in fine lines under the eyes, -25% reduction in crow’s feet and +26% improvement in the tear through lines after one week of use. Participants also reported -64% reduction in melanin and +101%  increase in elastic fibres. ✈

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