San Francisco’s Dolores Park Hill Bomb strikes over to Church Avenue after police barricade authentic location to skaters

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – On Saturday night, skaters raced at high speed down Church Street in San Francisco – next to Dolores Park.

They call it the “hill bomb” and it happens every year, but the San Francisco Police have tried to prevent it.

They set up barricades on several blocks of Dolores Street, but the skaters simply went down another street.

“I guess the police aren't as interested in this one as they were in Dolores,” said Amire Lofton, who attended. “Four skaters, they all said Church Street and they all just came here.”

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The police were on the mountain but did not intervene. They even blocked the road for the skaters.

Last year, San Francisco police attempted to prevent the Hill Bomb and a confrontation broke out between them and the skaters. Over 100 people were arrested for throwing objects at police and damaging a MUNI train.

Police Chief Bill Scott said this week he would not tolerate violence.

Many skaters feel the city should have worked with them to keep the event going while ensuring safety.

“The city was not warned about this event without adequate warning,” said Aaron Breetwor, a skateboard activist from San Francisco. “I was in contact with them a year ago trying to get them to make the event safer, even though there was no official organizer, and they had nothing planned other than this.”

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Breetwor claims skateboards are listed as a non-motorized, user-powered vehicle in the city's traffic code. He plans to continue talking with the city.

However, residents of the park were happy to see the police.

“It's about public safety. It's not about the kids not having fun,” said Chuck Louden, who lives near the park. “I'm glad to see them here today. We can work together to find a place that works for everyone, but this is about safety.”

We have reached out to the San Francisco Police Department to ask why they did not intervene in the bombing on the hill and are now waiting for a response.

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