San Francisco to Present Monetary Compensation for Crime Victims and Their Households

Financial assistance efforts for crime victims and their families are supported by San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin and the Mayor of London Breed.

The Crime Survivors for Safety and Justice announced on Wednesday a $ 100,000 grant program designed to help victims and their families. “These are people on both sides of crime and punishment, by healing those who have been harmed, we can prevent the next crime,” Boudin said.

Financial compensation for victims

The announcement comes amid public scrutiny of the apparent surge in crime in the region and across the country. The pre-trial diversion program, which aims to break the cycle of crime, monitors released inmates while they wait for their scheduled court date. The program has found that more than half of its customers are suspicious repeat offenders.

Catherine Stefani, a supervisor in San Francisco, is asking for more frequent updates on the program’s issues. It also calls for more thorough reports on why the affected detainees who are classified as high-risk are eligible for the program and being released.

First, she asked for data following incidents in which inmates involved in the program committed high-profile violent crimes. Recently, Stefani also voted against an extension of the multi-million dollar contract.

“What I find so alarming and frustrating is that the pre-trial rerouting program had this information and refused to give it to this office when I asked,” said Stefani, reported NBC Bay Area.

On the other hand, Boudin supported the program but noted that there were still areas that could be improved. “While this number is worrying and we would like to improve it, it is actually lower than that of the state prison.

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