San Francisco supervisors take into account ban on smoking inside condominium, apartment buildings

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) – Many San Francisco apartment and condominium buildings may soon be banned from smoking under a proposed ordinance drawn up by Supervisor Norman Yee.

The county regulators are expected to vote on the proposal during Tuesday’s board meeting.

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Smoking is already banned in public spaces such as stairwells and hallways, and many landlords do not allow it entirely indoors. However, this proposal goes a step further to protect other residents from secondhand smoke.

Repeat offenders could be fined $ 1,000 per day, according to SF Chronicle. However, tenants could not be evicted for violations.

According to Chronicle, protecting the health of nonsmokers is important, especially low-income residents living in high-density residential buildings.

If passed, a ban on smoking cigarettes and cannabis would apply to buildings with at least three units.

The only exception would be medical cannabis.

Sixty-three California cities – including Alameda, Berkeley, Santa Clara, and Santa Rosa – and counties already have bans.

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