San Francisco shops altering hours after ‘alarming’ rise in thefts, safety incidents

According to multiple reports, Target, Walgreens, and CVS locations in the San Francisco area have changed their hours to close earlier or to close stores altogether after a series of thefts.

At least six Target stores in the Bay Area have adjusted their hours to close at 6 p.m. instead of 10 p.m. According to a statement by a Target spokesman to KNTV, “we have been experiencing a significant and alarming increase for more than a month”. in the event of theft and security incidents in our branches in San Francisco. “

“Since the safety of our guests, team members and communities is our top priority, we have temporarily reduced our operating hours,” the statement continues.

It’s not just Target stores, Walgreens has decided to close locations due to the increase in thefts and security incidents, KGO said.

A security guard told the guard that there wasn’t much he could do to stop a shoplifter who was determined and had a knife or a gun.

“I have no intention of being stabbed to death for anything worth $ 60,” the guard told KGO.

Leaders believe the crimes are organized and have asked police and prosecutors to come up with solutions to help companies stay open and customers stay safe.

“These are people who are being recruited, organized, and resold, and San Francisco suffers,” said Ahsha Safai, San Francisco supervisor.

We lost the flagship Gap in Union Square – if we don’t address organized retail crime, I fear many other stores will close.

– Ahsha Safai 安世輝 (hsAhsha_Safai) July 6, 2021

Residents and leaders are concerned that the increase in thefts will result in more stores closing for good and moving to other locations outside of town.

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