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Severna Park

gen-casino-it A San Francisco police officer accused of robbing a Rite Aid pharmacy on Concar Drive in San Mateo appeared on video Thursday of his appearance in court on first crime charges and pleaded not guilty, the district attorney said San Mateo County with.

Davin Cole

Davin Cole, 56, a sergeant in the San Francisco Police Department and a San Mateo resident, is accused of entering the Rite Aid on November 3 and stealing 11 bottles of Norco worth approximately $ 919. Cole allegedly went to a pharmacy technician and gave them a slip of paper saying he had a gun and should give him the drugs and not call the police, prosecutors said. The technician alerted other employees of the robbery, who then called the police. Cole never pointed or waved a gun, prosecutors said. When the police arrived, Cole refused to stop and ran. Officials eventually stopped him after warning he would be stalked, prosecutors said. Cole had a small, unregistered pistol in his waistband, along with the Norco bottles and the robbery letter, prosecutors said. Cole said he has been addicted to pain medication for a decade, prosecutors said.

Cole appeared on video for his appearance at a detox center, prosecutors said. Cole’s next gig is on February 7th and he remains out of custody on $ 50,000 bail.

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