San Francisco man who allegedly stole automobile utilizing car-sharing app arrested in San Carlos | Native Information

A San Francisco man who allegedly stole a car from Sunnyvale and drove it to San Carlos used a car sharing app called Getaround to target the car and find that the car had been arrested, the district attorney said San Mateo on Tuesday with.

Michael Guess, 26, used the app to search for cars in the area. App users are required to enter a passcode to access the key in the car if they agree to rent the car through the app, but Guess broke through the car window, took the key he knew was there and drove him to the San Carlos Fairfield Inn. Prosecutors said.

The victim pinged his car upon learning it was stolen and discovered it was in San Carlos. Prosecutors said he called the police, who went to the Fairfield Inn and found Guess asleep behind the wheel with a broken car window. He was arrested on suspicion of car theft and possession of an electric baton and multiple misdemeanors, prosecutors said. His next trial is October 4th.

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