San Francisco Man Charged with Tried Housebreaking and Vandalism in

Breaking into the quiet of the night, a would-be burglar met his match in a vigilant Pacifica Police Officer patrolling the Palmetto Avenue business district. The suspect, 36-year-old Corey Hart from San Francisco, was caught red-handed on May 18, attempting to break into a closed storefront using a hefty metal fence post. The incident occurred around 11:07 P.M., throwing Hart’s nefarious plans into disarray as he was promptly detained.

The bold but failed attempt sadly highlights the lengths individuals may go to gain quickly, but Hart’s apprehension serves as a reminder of the police force’s undying vigilance. Hart, who was found armed with an array of tools tailored to the trade of breaking, could not deny his intentions. Police disclosed that the San Francisco man was eager to pilfer valuables to sell on the market.

As detailed in the Pacifica Police Department’s update, Hart faced several charges upon his arrest. He was booked at San Mateo County jail for attempted second-degree burglary, vandalism causing damage over $400, and possession of burglary tools, in addition to an existing misdemeanor bench warrant out of San Francisco County for prior vandalism and trespassing violations. According to the information provided by the police department, Hart’s spree of attempted break-ins spanned at least two businesses that night before his run-in with law enforcement.

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