San Francisco Launching Professional-Vaccine Marketing campaign Throughout The Metropolis – CBS San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Before California fully reopens in mid-June, some districts in the San Francisco Bay Area will move to less restrictive levels.

But hopes that San Francisco will move into the Yellow Step this week are unlikely to materialize. While hospital stays are still low, the new COVID-19 cases are not declining as much as in recent weeks and are slightly above government requirements.

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“This is not necessarily unexpected, but we have to be careful and make sure that gaining weight is not a sign or a trend,” said Dr. Susan Philip, San Francisco Health Officer.

Earliest San Francisco and other counties could move into the least restrictive yellow tier in eight days. This would allow almost all businesses to reopen, but with no more than 50% capacity.

As the city / county tries to break into the least restrictive level, officials have unveiled a new vaccination campaign that could make a difference in further suppressing the virus.

The latest CDC report shows that 4.6 million doses were administered nationwide in a single day. Reluctance to get the vaccine among blacks and Hispanics is waning.

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In a recent Gallup poll, 55% of black adults said they had been vaccinated or were planning a shot. That is 14 points more than 2 months ago. Now 61 percent of Hispanics and 64 percent of whites say the same thing.

“We are concerned with questions about vaccine hesitation and ensuring that people have the information they need to make an informed decision,” said Dr. Grant Colfax, director of public health in San Francisco.

With artist Fnnch ‘Honey Bears popped up across town, the SFMTA and the Ministry of Health have just launched their first COVID vaccination campaign as millions more, 16 years and older, are eligible within three days.

“San Francisco has run campaigns like this in the past in collaboration with the community and local artists. We really reach people where they live and are, ”said Colfax.

The vaccinated honey bears will be seen on SFMTA buses later this week and have turned up at transit stops across town.

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“We know various ambassadors, whether in the arts or in faith communities, who can connect with individuals across the state to encourage them to get vaccinated. So look forward to doing this more and more,” said California Health Secretary Dr. Mark Ghaly.

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